Samsung Galaxy Fit and Fit e come to US and Canada

14 June 2019
Samsung's trackers are finally available in North America.

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  • kinhvip

Fit e , heartbeat incorrect ....

  • Anonymous

fit e screen flew away for me six days and did not go to the garatin

  • Anonymous

I have buyed Fite for 45 euro in Bulgaria - battery stays for about 3 days and charges for about hour, but for one week of use it have two deep scratches on display.

  • Anonymous

Fite has terrible battery life i have almost everything switched off, i use mainly clock and alarm, and i get 3.5 days of battery life lol

  • Sachin

When they r gonna launch them in India? Dying to buy FIT

  • AnonD-847158

Just buy Mi band 4.

Well anyone thinks it cost just too much???