Nokia patent pumps up the megapixels

3 Dec, 2007
Seems like Nokia aren't wasting any time and have filed a patent application on an extraordinary new slider cameraphone. Besides the intriguing construction Nokia-N93-style, the fine print under...

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  • prM
  • 03 Dec 2007 is bad at music and camera...SE has a 5mpix phone just like nokia. If this nokia comes out i will buy it-that is for sure

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    • Thang
    • ytU
    • 03 Dec 2007

    Nice features... but if it is as big as the N93 then no no no...

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      • Dreadnought
      • p77
      • 03 Dec 2007

      Looks fancy, really hi-tec. Looks kinda like a Samsung, SE doesn't stand a chance, they've already lost the music and cameraphone competition to Samsung and Nokia... Don't see why people still cheer them.

        • Z
        • Zylam Marex
        • nxM
        • 03 Dec 2007

        Man i love the way nokia come out with cool new stuff, just got my N95 8GB and loving it, nokia rocks man

          • L
          • Luks24
          • M@T
          • 03 Dec 2007

          nokia N94 maybe?still ugly design

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            • Anonymous
            • LBb
            • 03 Dec 2007

            Sony Ericsson is the best! Nokias are excellent when seen in paper (specs, look...) but when held for a while... You notice it is simply not a SE!....

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              • PUP
              • MpN
              • 03 Dec 2007

              I dont knw if Nokia is trying to compete with the Cell phone makers with this phone bcos this phone is more of a digital camera with 6 MP...

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                • phonix
                • BLI
                • 03 Dec 2007

                yup guess it will have same old nokia like battery life....and the design is ugly to be honest...modern day phones shouldnt be this fat...anyways lets wait n see this phone is not out yet probably it will be a competitor to the k860/k890i

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 2S{
                  • 03 Dec 2007

                  High megapixels are very heavy in size that takes up so much memory. 2 or3 or max. 5 Mpx are ok. More mpx are just a selling gimmic.

                    • g
                    • gidaaya
                    • Nxs
                    • 03 Dec 2007

                    im 10th lokl... sounds good on paper, but then so didi the n95.. what about the batt life..... lets wait and see...
                    sony ericsson ROCKS!!!

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                      • deejz
                      • PRQ
                      • 03 Dec 2007

                      what? 6-8 mp? and that's still a phone?! goshie!!! >.

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                        • nokiadict
                        • Pbv
                        • 03 Dec 2007

                        Hello people,
                        I must say that this style is awesome, hope this mobile is not that big and heavy as N93i, and they keep the screen size as in N95 8GB and why not, the same speaker system as in N73. Way to go NOKIA, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          • j
                          • jimy
                          • MF{
                          • 03 Dec 2007

                          first hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaaha