Huawei Mate 30 Pro to come with a 90Hz display as renders surface

15 June 2019
The renders reveal it will come with six cameras - two on the front and four at the back.

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Can someone tell me who's copying again?

  • Anonymous

So samsung is copying huawei while huawei is copying samsung?

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2019How ironic how Huawei fanboys and Samsung haters said Samsung co... moreThey all are clones of the first smartphone, it calls inovation, when u take somthing a try to make it better.
So simple and all kind of fanboys should be happy for that.
But again ur right about the look, it looks like a boring Sammy phone.

A welcome edition of Huawei flagship.
They should've easily conquer had not Donald intervened for US interests

Shit, it looks like a shitty Lagsung... Hope they will make a 30X to, but dont think so after they released the 20X in 5g. And then i hope they will come with the new OS without all this US hypocrite spyware.

Pixel is the new HTC, 15 Jun 2019What a brilliant looker.... And the specs are mouth watering! I... moreWell obviously its a looker it looks like a Samsung from the front.

And wow what a shock they got rid of the notch and the face ID scanner. They copied apple quickly and now they back doing what the do best which is copy Sammy.

What a brilliant looker.... And the specs are mouth watering!
I like the back design it's not so boring anymore

  • Anonymous

How ironic how Huawei fanboys and Samsung haters said Samsung copying Huawei design from the back but at least there were differences

This on th eother hand is pretty much a Samsung phone from the front same pill design same curved displays :D

How these idiotic fanboys tried trolling Samsung and now look!!

What a brilliant looker... Distinguished itself above the rest. And the specs are mouth watering

The back looks very sexy, I like the design not boring any more

  • Anonymous

The last Huawei Android flagship.

  • htcdesignback

the back of this it looks like htc the older phones of htc

well, I hope these renders aren't very accurate because the back looks absolutely weird. like what the hell is going on at the moment? why are cameras humps getting big and disgusting now, the design doesn't have to be anywhere near that unappealing.

Disgusting design

A new s10 plus clone by a clone company

Hmm... doesn't look as good as Mate 20.

Maybe it's not the final design. That 90hz display is a welcome addition though!