Deals: get a refurbished iPhone X for XR money or a new iPad 9.7 (2018) for half that

18 June 2019
The iPhone X was discontinued as the XS doesn't offer much of an upgrade.

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Refurbrised hahaha ihpne x hahaha 630 sterling pounds hahaha.
Apple hahaha.
Waste of space posting this topic onto these pages.
Even the unwanted advertising should and would have more value than refurbrished iphone x or xr.

  • Red

Half of ipad price? Lol
In Latvia new Ipad can buy a little over 300 eur

  • Carol

When you realise apple bin punishing you for being a fan. Way to go apple! Now i wait for the news when they sell icrapp1 at the price of a car.


I don't think those are deals exactly, specially coming from a refurbished phone.