Google will offer opt-in RCS regardless of carrier, coming to the UK and France this month

18 June 2019
It also promises to come up with an encrypted solution with privacy in mind.

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  • fredphoesh

I think it is not just a question of whether the carriers allow it or whether google turns it on for you, it seems it is also phone manufacturer dependent too. I just wish the bloody manufacturers would enable it, my wife's xiaomi mi8 still is "not compatible"...

I personally do not care about encryption and love the idea of an open rich text chatting system that is not owned by anyone,and will not get advertisements as Whatsapp will next year. I think it will catch on, especially once whatsapp start with adverts.

  • Anonymous

I really hope Google brings this to US soon.

On the topic of no encryption, it's very much a security concern, but considering many are unaware how much data Google REALLY collects about you, most will turn a blind eye.

Wouldn't be surprised if Google is caught secretly collecting all this data in the future sending it to adver—"Improving Google Services" *cough *cough*

Just arrived... Well yesterday. I declined it, but can't find the option to add it.

Lumia, 18 Jun 2019If Google is after iMessage, they should have bought viber ... moreOn the contrary... Google is trying to push the usage of a standard (just like SMS and MMS that even aPple accepts), rather than all those silly proprietary apps (Imess, Whatcrap etc), that both ends have to have installed. If these apps are not totally crap, they would support RCS too.

It is however a really bad thing that RCS does not offer encryption in the protocol. If it was extended with that, it could be really great. But I guess that the majority of users don't really care on encryption, so I doubt we will get it....

What Google is doing here is saying that if the carriers are too slow in implementing it in their networks, well then Google can offer it (using pure data traffic I assume). For the price of stea... erhm reading the content.

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2019In contrast I'd say that in the UK it will make no differen... moreDoes it use text message or data?

If Google is after iMessage, they should have bought viber and integrated it in their messaging app unlike trying hangout failure. What is the point of having so many messaging apps that Google offer

  • hobbs

Rolling it out without any mention from carriers on cost.. great.
This also looks like something which will quickly be abused by bots/viruses.

This is an awful idea..

Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 18 Jun 2019There's no way end-to-end encrypted msg which neither your ... moreIndeed, and as Google sort of exists due the ability to stea... erhm collect data, it sounds extremely unlikely that they would do anything to help any encrypted communication.

  • CookieButter

Very excited at the prospect of sending uncompressed images and files. Sick of either having to send a Google Drive link or zip file. Would love a way that requires no computer competency to send or receive. Hate asking for a picture and getting some heavily compressed version over Whatsapp or Messenger.

  • Anonymous

About time roll that puppy out

  • Anonymous

s-pen pusher, 18 Jun 2019RCS will push SMS to obsolescence and this will be a loss o... moreIn contrast I'd say that in the UK it will make no difference at all to telcos, because virtually everyone has unlimited SMS anyway and yet most still use other messaging apps (especially those who use messaging heavily).

But what RCS needs is to be cross-platform rather than just cross-carrier. And Apple don't want to play because iMessage is a useful lock-in tool for them and they don't want to undermine that.

  • cruizer

Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 18 Jun 2019There's no way end-to-end encrypted msg which neither your ... moreyou mean the "No Such Agency" ?

  • s-pen pusher

RCS will push SMS to obsolescence and this will be a loss of revenue for telcos. in places like here in the philippines where SMS is mostly the preferred mode for communication instead of calls, telcos actually are able to monetize text messages more than call minutes. then again, as far as i know, RCS is already working with my telco globe telecom since 2017 using our samsung and xiaomi devices (both using the native messaging app). it seem to be not working with google messages app on my razer phone 1 and 2. i am not sure with the other telcos (we have 5 telcos in total but these are controlled by a duopoly- 3 brands under smart communications and 2 brands under globe telecom). the catch with this is that it only works between the same oem brands (i.e. rcs messages sent with a xiaomi device can only be recieved by another xiaomi device) and that the recipient should have a data allowance to recieve the rcs messages in real time.

There's no way end-to-end encrypted msg which neither your ISP nor the messaging service provider can intercept will be allowed to be popular. Unless those 3 letters agency can get the master key or something.

RCS : *exist*
3 letters agency : "let me eiiiiiiin!!"

  • Anonymous

By the time RCS is supported universally with all carriers worldwide, it will cost a fortune as carriers will make sure they charge good money for it.

With iPhone people on iMessage and everybody else on WhatsApp/Line//Wechat, I don’t see RCS going anywhere other than some countries like US or Australia.

  • Anonymous

zamroni1, 18 Jun 2019what rcs can do seems like mms. mms failed.You did not read the article, did you?

  • Anonymous

And why do we need this?

  • cruizer

I think RCS is too little too late. Most countries already have their own favorite messaging app, for example China with WeChat, Korea with KakaoTalk, Philippines with Viber and most other countries with WhatsApp

what rcs can do seems like mms. mms failed.