Redmi 7 Pro passes 3C certification in China

19 June 2019
The Redmi 7 Pro/Mi A3 Lite is coming soon.

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  • Anonymous

voxx, 20 Jun 2019make it redmi 4x sizeagreed

  • eddie

I don't understand Xiaomi. They made Redmi 7 and Redmi note 7 the same size????
I hate big phones.
Feels like I need a suitcase. I'm hanging on to my Redmi 4x untill they make a descent, max. 145 mm phone again!

  • voxx

make it redmi 4x size

I hope it will be a compact phone... max 145mm length.

  • voxx

price cheaper than redmi note 7 64gb ?

  • Anonymous

I remember the day when 3000mAh was giant... nowadays nothing less than 4000mAh is acceptable, even on the cheapest of phones. We must be using them more and more without realising, where else would these new expectations have come from?!

  • sm4rt4ss

Anonymous, 19 Jun 20193300mah!!! must make it 5.5inch sizeSD 710/712 are very efficient chips. So 3300 is good enough for all day use if you're not a power user. Mi9SE is the proof.

  • Anonymous

must make it 5.5inch size

Two phones recently appeared on China's 3C with model numbers M1904F3BC/T and M1906F9SC. The 2nd is mentioned in this article and it has also appeared on EEC which confirms Global release. But if it's supposedly the Redmi 7 Pro (Mi A3 Lite) then what about the other one on 3C? Since it has lower model number and isn't on EEC, Mi 6X (Mi A3) would be unlikely which also makes me doubt whether this is actually Redmi 7 Pro (Mi A3 Lite) or something else.

  • KsfAmd

Redmi Note 7S with sd660 goes for the same price. Either the 7 pro would be pricier or it won't have sd 710/712.