Google Pixel 4 appears in Mint Green and White colors

21 June 2019
It has a triple camera setup at the back, unlike the previous leaks which showed off a dual camera.

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  • Jack

Im I'm waiting for it

  • Anonymous

I loved it

Seriously it's FUGLY !

piku, 21 Jun 2019Why not a larger chin in lower portion that would have help in s... morebecause once upon a time people hate chin

the front looks nice

  • Anonymous

Fugly. I will laugh so hard when they discontinue the pixel line. They should have stayed competitive with the Nexus

  • ROFL

javi, 21 Jun 2019they need to call huawei or apple for a designer and quality con... moreLOL, pixel's design is unique and the SW is much better then Onepuss crap, clown.

Weirdly enough I'm already starting to feel ok with this huge ugly iPhone-Mate-styled camera bump on the left corner. It was so repulsive at first but now for some reason it no longer discomforts me even when I keep staring at it. I think I see why Google has been actively disclosing the new back design for the new Pixel for a while now.

This years pixel 3 frosted Matt glass back is fantastic. By far much better than all glossy smudge ridden backs. May that well thought out classy Matt finish continue.

4 should have dual sim. Not e-sim, which lacks carriers.

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019This rear panel is an atrocityNot too bad in black colour at all. I like it.

  • Devil

So front facing speakers are gone?

Ok. Not this green. Why not make it a bolder colour if going that route. White is good. I'll look forward to black.. hopefully not a white power button but a blue or a red.

Needs dual sim. Not e-sim. Latter is not supported very well at all. I'm thoroughly enjoying my pixel 3 but I do wish the dual-sim was better as that is one reason it got of over the line but hadn't realized how difficult e-sim was in lack of carriers.

looks better than the previous model with that ugly notch!

  • Handy

Would be great if it had 3 cameras on the back, i.e. wide angle, main with wide aperture and big pixels and a 3x zoom (5x periscope even better but that would be dreaming)

  • javi

they need to call huawei or apple for a designer and quality control and call one plus for a software asistance

Walter C. Dornez, 21 Jun 2019White looks really nice thoughAgreed

  • sumyunho

Looks like front facing speakers are history.

  • jerry

oh god, the design made me vomit blood

LG Superfan, 21 Jun 2019Green looks uglyWhite looks really nice though

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019This rear panel is an atrocityBoth the front and rear are atrocities.

The phone is dead on arrival.