Xiaomi pushed an OTA update that bricks some Mi 9 SE devices

25 June 2019
The update has been released four days ago and Xiaomi still hasn't addressed the issue.

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  • 24 Sep 2019

Pepik, 26 Jun 2019Mine MI 9 SE was bricked(EU version), after restart phone, ... moreReturn it to the store. Xiaomi has 2 year warranty

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    • Pepik
    • pIc
    • 26 Jun 2019

    Mine MI 9 SE was bricked(EU version), after restart phone, was wrote " Your system are destructed", so i use PC for flash new system. Realy not good update

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      • LHr
      • 26 Jun 2019

      I have Mi 9 SE bought last week in Europe. I installed the latest OTA update: MIUI Global 10.3.1 | Stable
      I had no problems with the update. We need more details about the issue.
      Should I panic or my phone was an exception?

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        • 26 Jun 2019

        Actually, this was OTA update that user could not change (EU, non-EU). It could only be applied.

        After a reboot, the system gets damaged but there is a fix for those users who are not with unlocked bootloader and cannot push new firmware:

        Go into fastboot
        type: "Fastboot Continue" (Some users need to do this twice)
        the system will continue to boot. This is a temporary fix as this will be needed every time phone reboots.

        The final fix is to continue to update with available OTA and then everything works. Alternative is to send phone back to supplier.

        Happy Mi9SE user

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          • 26 Jun 2019

          I was tired of MIUI. I don't know how people like it. There are often framedrops between app openings, switching etc. And those ads are just straight bad. Themes are fine but most of them don't even cover full part of the OS. And why isn't there any Pie gestures? Where is Digital Wellbeing? If you have a Xiaomi device and want to get something clean and fresh I would reccomend to Flash either Havoc OS or Pixel Experience ROM. Both are great, no bugs and way more stable than MIUI there is nothing that's not working. I know that Installation may be pain in ar** for new users but its worth it

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            • ManuxGR
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            • 26 Jun 2019

            I have this update for about 2 weeks now, there is no problem at all. I have an official Global Version Mi 9 SE 6/64. Fake news...

              new_bie, 26 Jun 2019I think update is for global ROM ( only a... morefunny thing is original ones got bricked and the ones that were flashed a global rom are intact. this is weird xiaomi.

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                • 26 Jun 2019

                i mean eea rom instead of eeu rom

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                  • new_bie
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                  • 26 Jun 2019

                  I think update is for global ROM ( only and not for EEU ROM..since they have different code, possible error is expected when you side update it...seen this question in mi forum in which user from EEU Rom asked why they have no update yet...

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                    • 26 Jun 2019

                    [deleted post]You wish lol.

                      This is the very reason why late but stable update is worth waiting for.

                        Earlier this year, while handset window shopping for a new model, I narrowed my choices down to a Mi 9 SE, and S10e . Got the S10e... I'm glad I did not brick my new model.

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                          • 25 Jun 2019

                          M0J007, 25 Jun 2019We all make mistakes, still going for Mi 9T Pro!Xiaomi have multiple low quality parts and software. Auto brightness is so bad, sound is so bad, no notifications, etc. U get what u pay, always will be.

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                            • 25 Jun 2019

                            The only thing i have noticed is the auto brightness is all över the place

                              We all make mistakes, still going for Mi 9T Pro!

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                                • 25 Jun 2019

                                i was getting worried, GSMArena must put on the title for what region is the issue happening