WhatsApp tests sharing your status to your Facebook Story

27 June 2019
The company insists that it's not going to link your WhatsApp user ID to your Facebook account.

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  • JaL
  • 27 Jun 2019

Another feature I dont give :)))) about...

Yeah, another app that is being killed by "overdeveloping"

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    • AnonD-816568
    • t@g
    • 27 Jun 2019

    I'm trying to stop using Whatsapp and replace it with Signal and Line but most of my friends still using Whatsapp

      "next year it will be the first place where you'll see ads in WhatsApp"

      I hope RCS Wil soon b- scratch that, it'll dead as long as no real support from gov/big company. Probably Huawei will push it in their alternative OS? Good pr move at least.