Sony Xperia 1 stock running low in Europe, the Purple color seems the most popular

27 June 2019
Sony Mobile UK is all sold out of Xperia 1 units, but you can find it through other stores. Only the Purple one is sold out in Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

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It's a bit of a cheat, because Universal swallowed another major music group, EMI. They have a lot of labels, artists, producers and legacy collections in their library compared to Sony.

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019Lmao y'all are SO salty There are legitimate reasons for that. Just some people don't really want to listen and accept any critics about their favorite brand and product of this brand. People can be salty as well as the products can be shitty. That's it.

Stéphane Maur, 29 Jun 2019It was my question but my Swiss Mobile company not answer: ... moreWell, nowadays smartphones are fast enough to use several years(exactly flagships) if you are not enjoying games or high-end tasks. I was using Xperia Z3 for 4 years, and switched to IM-100K last year (with SD430+2GB RAM), but still they are enough for daily driver.
Talking about NR(5G) and If you are looking for NR phones, waiting one or two years more would be wise choice. We are using NR all over the country, but there is still some stability issues in all 3 carriers. They are improving service qualities and coverages very fast, but using NR all the time is not recommended now. For example, when you goes the top of the mountain or in the elevator, no services on NR, but full bars on LTE. The phone continuously tries to connect the network NR which causes battery drain and heat, and that is one of most annoying thing using NR supported phone.

Stéphane Maur, 29 Jun 2019It was my question but my Swiss Mobile company not answer: ... moreI am 95 percent sure you can use VoLTE using your imported phone at your carrier. Most of the carrier supports 3GPP VoLTE standard, so if I am right, you can use VoLTE in your region using your imported phone. To make sure, google about the successful case enabling VoLTE using imported phone, or just ask your carrier (They'll say 'WEDUNNO' I presume, but worth to try.) Although if your carrier do not supports International VoLTE standard, you can flash your phone's rom by your local carrier released version.(xda support will be needed.) Well, you are saying prices are higher if you import the purple version, and adding 150€ to your local retail price is not a wise option, but I'll gladly pay more bills for that beautiful purple colour.
I can't use any other options, but to abandon VoLTE or tweak the efs partition(needs bootloader unlock and freaking hard for non-expert phone users.) if I import the phone in my region, so that is lucky for you. At least, you have options.


Still it is not available in all countries then how does stock less

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Simple; european has a good taste.
Sony put alot money on RnD, should be appreciated

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019No. Sony Music has slghtly higher revenue than Universal si... moreAbsolutely Wong. Universal Music Group is number one in every respect. Google it and learn.

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Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019No. Sony Music has slghtly higher revenue than Universal si... moreUniversal Music group is clearly the largest and biggest revenue ad profits. You are wrong.

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Good news ... Sony deserves some success.

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Vulpecula, 28 Jun 2019Well, at least you can buy Xperia in your country, and you ... moreIt was my question but my Swiss Mobile company not answer: If I buy a foreigner model (because color) Wi-Fi Calling and Voice over LTE will be effective or not available ? Not sure.
But as I explain, I prefer purple but I found a black model official in Switzerland for 200 Chf(Euros 150) less than if I take purple model.
Moreover, for car or bike I prefer the most expensive color (metal...) but you keep the item long time.
For Sony Mobile I know I will sale my Xperia 1 next year for the 5G. I hope Sony Mobile will show their 5 G model in MWC or IFA 2020.
This year unfortunately not.

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Livid, 28 Jun 2019Vinyl Records and Turntables are NOT a resurrected trend. T... moreNo. Sony Music has slghtly higher revenue than Universal since 2017. He's not wrong.

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Livid, 28 Jun 2019Vinyl Records and Turntables are NOT a resurrected trend. T... moreYou have 3 big companies in music industry, Universal, Sony and Warner. Universal is the biggest one, but, Sony music publishing division is the largest publisher in the world. Each of these companies is strong at something.

Walter C. Dornez, 27 Jun 2019It's so stupidWell, as Sony fanboy, I'm pretty much avoiding it at all cost, to make sure not to add fuel to the existing fire. Cause seeing more than 170 comments by the time of writing, It's already gained attention more than others, even if it's standard on GSMArena Sony article for years.
Sure, it seems Xperia 1 selling very well, despite possibly low supply but high demand as Sony probably still fear from XZ2 sales drop. Still, it's good news for Sony because Xperia 1 did return a favor for the first time since Xperia Z3 & XZ/XZ Premium (the colors, the classic design return, the choices, the improvements on features, etc. are the major-playing factors). Even in Japan while I was having a vacation there, at Akihabara, I saw a Videotron playing Xperia 1 ads there, explaining Xperia 1 highlight features and saw 3 Xperia 1 in the wild, few days after being released at Japan on June,14, and I was there at the right time, at the right place. It seems Kenichiro Yoshida with Kimio Maki really restructuring everything on Sony Mobile from scratch. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Livid, 28 Jun 2019Now, your just twisting your own words around. Its perfectl... moreAt last you finally understood. Good for you.

GrandMaster, 28 Jun 2019You still can't understand. I "meant" 'not necessarily'. I ... moreNow, your just twisting your own words around. Its perfectly clear what you said. At least man up and accept your wrong.

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019You made yourself look even worse, now. Vinyl is a resurrec... moreVinyl Records and Turntables are NOT a resurrected trend. They have always been available. Its a tiny market for Retro style toys. Sony music entertainment is NOT the largest in the world. Universal Music Group is Number One. Its a shame you're willing to go so low just to lie and promote a single company. I think I wasted my time.

Luxor, 28 Jun 2019If you haven't heard the news, smartphone with under displa... moreAlso, concerning Oppo's phone still to be released and under-display cameras in general, we have yet to see how good is going to be their implementation. They already announced that the images captured won't be high quality. Another point, how is it going to be when you want to use the camera and the screen at same time, as in a videocall, when it is known that the pixels above the camera will have to be off so the camera can capture the images.
This first iteration of under-display cameras may have many issues and end up like a half-baked product, like the foldables phones.

Luxor, 28 Jun 2019If you haven't heard the news, smartphone with under displa... moreI have heard the news better than you, because what Oppo unveiled was literally a press release, not the product. Also, under display cameras are being patented for years, even before the appearance of notched and holed screens. But since it seems to be quite a difficult technology to implement, manufacturers put up the notches and holes to keep the innovations rolling and keep the sales of new phones. It's not that notches and holes are a necessary step towards under display cameras, they are independent technologies. So yeah, I'm still mocking the in-screen dead spaces.

always amuse me how posts about sony always attracts so many comments with most being on the extreme. its either adoration or "sony is dead", etc, etc xD

Again. Sony fanboys and Samsung fanboys barking and fighting like madman for such childish issues. Here's your damn solution. You can like them both or pay no attention to other fanboys. God, stop fighting!