The Android Pie update for Redmi 6 and 6A is back on track 

28 June 2019
The update was canceled back in April, but it seems that Xiaomi changed its mind. Also, beta testers are needed for Android Q on the Poco.

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  • reza
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  • 29 Jun 2019

if redmi 6 OS become 64bit im sure i will buy it.

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    • Don
    • JE0
    • 28 Jun 2019

    Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019Redmi 5 plus? Update on Pie Or no? Maybe when redmi 5 get stable Oreo. People who updated their smartphone on Oreo have very bad experience, and Xiaomi suspended that update. But people who already do that can't back smartphone on Nougat. It's not fair that redmi 5 plus whick was 20€ expensive get stable Pie,and that redmi 5 stay with Nougat or bad Oreo.

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      • 3Dd
      • 28 Jun 2019

      Redmi 5 plus? Update on Pie Or no?