US officials ponder ban of end-to-end encryption

28 June 2019
Officials argue that catching criminals is more important than encryption and hacking risks.

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  • Goodfellow

I will sit this one out.

  • bot!

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2019Yeah, I really, really need military grade encryption when ... moreworld is not all about chats and calls ;)

  • Carol

AnonD-794992, 29 Jun 2019I'm very happy that I live in Germany. I feel very sorry fo... moreYou do realise thos can.effect everybody, right? I mean, you use microsoft, google or apple, whatsapp facecrapp and whatever their is, right? Welcome to reality. It is time for europe to go komando on americans a''

  • Carol

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019this is insane. banning it gives US the way to access our i... moreStop using facebook and Whatsapp googles android and ios. Problem solved.

  • Carol

P.s Trump must go... and fast. This bullshit is already too far gone. Wake up america. This man is not a President, he's a dictator. Security has nothing to do with online encyption, has everything to do with money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2019Hmm i wonder what companies, especially banks think of this... moreif you've downloaded a banking app. and your account number can be seen by other people from backdoor. 0_o

  • Anonymous

Yeah, I really, really need military grade encryption when I talk to my grandmother.

  • AnonF-85937

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2019so they ban Huawei for a potential security risk for backdo... moreLol!!! This is exactly it. The hypocrisy is insane!

  • Anonymous

Hmm i wonder what companies, especially banks think of this decision:D

  • phavel

abigfanoftechs, 29 Jun 20191. don't buy US made products, 2. don't use US made apps. ... moreInterested

  • Anonymous

I mean go on ban it, you can then use obsfucation networks like Zcoin's or Monero's to relay messages. Are you going to ban those networks too. If you did, you just banned two of the most powerful tools that private citizens had in the 21st century. You can as well violate their homes, take away their children. After all those children may turn into criminals, who knows? Better safe than sorry. We cannot tolerate criminality even of it means that you *become* a criminal state so that to contain it...

Lol, all those are so funny to read from all over here. The land of the free is becoming the land of the enslaved...

  • Anonymous

Stondec100, 29 Jun 2019He's the best president in modern times. You've obviously b... moreMental illness is a terrible thing, as we can all see.

  • Anonymous

Just having a beer, 29 Jun 2019I believed I got drunk. Some people obviously are out of re... moreTrump is not the best but still better than the alternative whose emails are being hidden by Google.

Obama met will all bigshots from Silicon Valley and he thought that is enough to make HIllary win.

They were exposed by Project Veritas that Big Tech will try again in 2020.

Now that USA want to spy on pple privacy is a thing of catching criminals.........but Huawei had issue with security.....what a world

1. don't buy US made products,
2. don't use US made apps.

e2e encryption isn't rocket science. I have a C++ book on my shelf which teaches all this.
Lots of source code/apps on Github if you're interested.
You don't have to use Google/Apple provided encryption, write your own if you must.

Stondec100, 29 Jun 2019He's the best president in modern times. You've obviously b... moreI believed I got drunk. Some people obviously are out of reality all the time...

  • Deviant

Ok so law enforcement wants to see everything so people will not have anything private. However governments are appointing law enforcement and governments are politicians and politicians are dirty. Who will guarantee that this kind power will not be used by them to be more powerful or to shape and control country and people according to their will?

  • Anonymous

Encryption should not be a problem when the NSA and FBI already can get into whose ever devices anyway. Police have warrants issued if they have reason to believe the suspect had intent or circumstance. Sting operations also capture criminals. Why is encryption a big deal if no one is really sure who is on the other line? The fact these Trump officials do not think officers can capture criminals within encrypted networks is ignorant. What is really going on is that freedom of privacy is taken away under the guise of fighting crime when in reality big governments' bloated bureaucracies want to have power in any way possible. They make more money with the surveillance state. They get money and power in the Police State.

  • Anonymous

There's a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Here's the updated version: "Those who would give up essential liberty, in order to give up essential safety, are stupid."

  • math-rules

So, the US government may consider banning math (prime numbers used for strong encryption) like Australia did? Ridiculous -- one can't simply ban mathematics and expect a modern economy to continue smoothly.