Japan's restricted export of key chemicals to South Korea might be a blow to Samsung, LG

01 July 2019
The chemicals are used in the production of displays and semiconductors. This restriction can affect Samsung and LG.

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  • Kasut

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2019if we talk about your point, then America is nowhere safe o... moreWell said bro

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Kriegsherr, 02 Jul 2019Maybe you have never lost someone in any war. For you it's ... moreif we talk about your point, then America is nowhere safe on that note since they have caused the most pain to almost every country in the world, Japan caused too many losses before, but they also lost a lost coz of their leaders, same goes to other countries, moving on is not ignoring the past, it's called maturity and seeing the future in a different perspective instead of planting bad memories from the past, it is ok to remember but never it is a good thing to make someone think that what happened before should be engraved in people's minds, Japan has saved a lot of lives since the 90s by helping other countries in times of disasters, their people are paying the debt of their fathers which they themselves has nothing to do about

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019His history teacher was just fine. Stop being so obsessed w... moreWell exactly you are right.
But if we everytime overlook the scene and facts as it is we will miss the whole movie.

  • Engineer

Japan still best by far.
Love fujitsu

Baykko, 03 Jul 2019Which is exactly my point, Petroleum doesn't become Gasolin... moreTechnology or core-technology makes the difference. Conventional technology most of people can use but Core-technology rarely people can know-how. Core-technology isn't came from invaded but invented. Except for those company steal the technology from other tech-frontiersman, it is a kind of "invaded from the Intellectual property.

Is it you Pro, 03 Jul 2019I means hardworking isn't the all, it can be one of the rea... moreWhich is exactly my point, Petroleum doesn't become Gasoline on its own, it requires technology and human talent. Every country in the planet has resources, what matters is having the knowledge and the willingness to exploit them. Japan is an Island so their resources are very limited (one of the reasons they invaded all other countries) yet today they are providers to so many materials and technologies like the ones mentioned here.

Baykko, 03 Jul 2019I' guessing your point is that their success doesn't come f... moreI means hardworking isn't the all, it can be one of the reasons. I have shown some example like the Petroleum and Rare-earth, those countries just extract it and sell it, it isn't an "invention" but just an "investment". Example the Artificial Intelligence for robot created by someone, it is an breaking down technology and it isn't the "natural" resources like petroleum or rare-earth or plantation etc..

I' guessing your point is that their success doesn't come from hard work but from the technology and resources they have access to. But Technology doesn't come from thin air and resources don't exploit themselves. It's through hard work and discipline that Asians and anyone in the world is able to become skilled enough to do something and profit from it.

Baykko, 02 Jul 2019Saying that Korea would be a 3rd world country is underesti... moreHardworking isn't the main point, what the Japanese control the key of chemicals is they have invention on technology especially core-technology. China is the largest one who developed and extract the almost 90% rare-earth material in the world, is this the core-technology or they are hardworking than anyone? For Middle East countries they extract the petroleum, is it the core-technology or they are hardworking than anyone?? Some Asia Pacific countries also have extract petroleum, are they hardworking than anyone???

  • anonymous

CaptnKarl, 01 Jul 2019indeed and by the way im from the Philippines and we had on... moreThank you for bringing this up. I really hate politics and politicians trying to undermine growth for both sides.

  • No greed, please

Baykko, 02 Jul 2019Saying that Korea would be a 3rd world country is underesti... moreSad to see you apparently slept through all of your history lessons.

The Japanese were in Korea long before WWII. After the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905 and 1907, the Treaty of 1910 finally sealed the begin of Japanese rule in Korea. It was signed by the last Korean Emperor, Sunjong, and fully approved by the British and American governments.
Sunjong had agreed to this because he saw this as the only way out for Korea, which had turned into a very decrepit and rundown country, at the brink of a total collapse, with countless problems and issues like widespread famines etc., none of which he was able to solve by himself.
The Japanese then helped Korea to recover, by building lots of infrastructure, introducing many new technologies, building up new companies etc. None of this would be there today without the help of the Japanese.

The problem is, much later during WWII, more and more mishandling of the Koreans by the Japanese arose. This eventually led to the Koreans trying to rewrite history as they saw fit and saying, "Oh noes, the Japanese were evil right from the very beginning! The poor, poor Sonjong was forced to sign the Treaty, and the approval of the British and the Americans was bought by the Japanese! We were poor, poor victims all along!" - and thus ignoring all the help that Korea had received from the Japanese, turning a totally decrepit nation into a fully industrialized nation etc.

Sadly, this Korean method of rewriting history, so they can better play the victim card, has not only stuck around until today, but is only getting worse and worse, under the rising influence of Korean nationalists. This here now is a new depth of disgrace in this chapter.

The separation into North and South Korea was entirely the fault of the US after WWII. Event though North Korea proved anything but able technology-wise, especially compared to South Korea. However, it was already quite industrialized, thanks to the Japanese, so there was a good basis it could build upon.
Also, even though more and more countries cut their ties with North Korea, when it became more and more apparent what sort of deranged dictators the Kim regime was with their Juche ideology, there still remained some countries for trade and exchange, including technology transfer.
The West ignored and under-estimated North Korea for too long, until it became all too apparent that, while it had been flying under the radar, it had managed to become a threat.
All of this however would've never been possible, if the Japanese hadn't laid the basis for this by bringing infrastructure, technology, starting help for companies etc. to Korea.

No greed, please, 02 Jul 2019Exactly. During the oh so bad time Japan was in Korea, Japa... moreSaying that Korea would be a 3rd world country is underestimating South Korea too much. Look at north Korea, secluded from the world yet capable enough to become a concern to everyone else. Asians know of discipline and hard work, that's why they are capable of attaining all these advancements.

And saying that Japan actually helped Korea during WWII is incredibly disrespectful to the thousands of people and their families that were killed during those years. You are basically saying Japan paid for their lives and Korea should be grateful for the money.

  • No greed, please

Love the Community, 01 Jul 2019But but, South Korea is already compensated enough from the... moreExactly. During the oh so bad time Japan was in Korea, Japan turned the totally run-down backwater 3rd world country that Korea was back then into a mondern, industrialized country, by providing infrastructure, building up companies etc.
Without Japanese help, the entire Korea would be far worse off than Noth Korea is today, and would be a no-tech 3rd world country like many African countries.

But they prefer to ignore that inconvenient fact, because they couldn't portray themselves as victims as much if they accepted that they're deeply indebted to the Japanese for their help.

They deserve it that Japan limited their exports now, because of their greed.

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019Who stands to gain? That's the question to ask. If Sams... moreThe impact is the productivity of OLED display, hence the LCD display are the future.... because some fans told me Korea Samsung and LG produces most of the OLED display unit, the OLED display supply for iPhone and others brand.

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019His history teacher was just fine. Stop being so obsessed w... moreThe thing is that this isn't even really the distant past. There are probably still people alive who experienced these events, and certainly many of us would have known relatives who did even if they are dead now. We can't be too casual about writing off these things as ancient history, as those events probably still have effects even today. I don't have a stake in Japan and Korea's issues but if people don't feel that things were settled justly then I wouldn't try to dismiss their concerns.

willie, 01 Jul 2019Why do they still look backwards? Whatever bad things is do... moreMaybe you have never lost someone in any war. For you it's easy to say that past is gone.
PAST is very important. The base of the future is the past. Moving on should be the thing but not while ignoring what happened before.

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019Open your history text book. Or read from this link: htt... moreindeed and by the way im from the Philippines and we had one of the worst punishment that we received from the imperial Japanese at the time which was walking for hundreds of miles until one by one, thousands of filipino, American and other nationals die everyday due to exhaustion, hunger and by the hands of some Japanese, they are heading to a place where they will be massacred and that place today is now actually a symbol of peace where we are hoping to have the nation of Philippines, japan and USA to have peace and forgive the people who have done it but not forgetting what happened that miserable day of out history.

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019Don't buy samsung phones! Their displays will stop working.... moreare high or something? aAMOLED screen are one of the best in the market maybe you had a fake one to begin with and besides if the panels were already been made, there is no need to worry about the stuff that happened between these countries

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019His history teacher was just fine. Stop being so obsessed w... moreI am nowhere a fan of both Japan and Korea, but it is a fact that the American gave immunity to many of the Japanese officers and politicians including the emperor who are responsible for the war crimes in WW2. These people and their juniors are still involved in politics, whitewashing the past by denying what they did in WW2 (see Japanese history textbook controversies). If you know a little bit about Japan you will know that right wing nationalism is still very much a thing there.

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[deleted post]But Huawei had banned and it’s not a lie.