Nokia Belle update rolling out for Symbian^3 devices

07 February, 2012
It's not available in all regions, but it's a day early. It's the latest version of Belle available too.

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  • Mohammad Elder

My N8 product code not listed on the available update, please when should it be come to Nigeria pls.

  • Denni

Im trying to update by using Nokia Suite but I keep getting the messages: "Your computer's running low on space". And that is not the fact as there are more than 80GB free on my hard drive.

Is anyone having this problem?

  • suraj

i was using belle in my Nokia E6 unofficial for a month and ther are lot of bugs which is very irritating but now there is a latest update hope all the bugs gets cleared oh and by the i am downloading now...will update u guys later if any change...

  • Anonymous

joe, 07 Feb 2012is there any update for nokia E5???..... Let me kwn pls nokia fansE5 is not symbian 3 platform so you cant get Belle but of course other updates is available. connect with nokia suite on your pc.

  • yuu

Datts, 07 Feb 2012Nokia Belle update is available in the Philippines! I'm updating... moreI'm using C7 too! My product code is not in the list! What happened Nokia Philippines?

  • mouse

I have a Nokia c6-01 and just updated to belle.
I live in denmark.

  • yuu

ReAnimaetion, 07 Feb 2012Belle update is available here in the Philippines dude. I just c... moreI'm using C7. It's not yet available. In fact, my product code is not showing in the list! Argh! - philippines

  • Anonymous

drakula, 07 Feb 2012YEAH what will happen if my product code is not on the list? ple... moreno problm dude....i think u can update ur product didnt match..but i can update my phone:)

  • DAVe?

at work not, be up dataing as soon as a get home ^^

  • Anonymous

i m going update my n8.....i m from bangladesh..:) nokia suite found an update...

  • India Calling

when will this update be available for NOKIA N8-00 in INDIA ? We are waiting for this update in INDIA on Nokia N8-00

  • petar

Just had Belle in Bulgaria, the process was fine and Belle is super. But at the and of updating I have lost Bulgarian phone language, only English ... Hm ...

  • nickname

while signing in nokia suite say either username or password is incorrect...??? plz help me...

  • drakula

YEAH what will happen if my product code is not on the list? please help

  • joe

is there any update for nokia E5???..... Let me kwn pls nokia fans

  • AnonD-41308

hey,what can i do if my c6-01 product code 059H712 are not in the list??

  • AnonD-171

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2012I am in Canada and I have an X7. I checked the software update v... moreit's coming outi guess by tonight i'm Canadian s well but have an unlocked n8 with leaked belle i'm awaiting the same thing....stay tight

  • krish

got my update for nokia E7. The update went smoothly .

The only issue is I've lost all apps that I had from ovi store and some games that I had downloaded from other sites. Now have to re-configure my phone all over again and its taking time.

Also, I felt the Anna looked classy, whereas the Belle looks toyish. Should try downloading themes and fonts.

  • Martin

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2012i updated my Nokia E7 and it's awesome,the best Nokia RULES! Me and you we are up to date with our NOKIA E7,i guess im the first person to update in Botswana

  • Metic

AnonD-26553, 07 Feb 2012SAME HERE 059D0V2 used suite 3.3.086 ..refreshed it 10000 times ... moreSame here: not available for 059D0V2. Kind of painful.