Nokia Belle update rolling out for Symbian^3 devices

07 February, 2012
It's not available in all regions, but it's a day early. It's the latest version of Belle available too.

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  • AnonD-1082

Great job Nokia and Accenture! Thanks!

Nokia Belle is so good, it really is an Android ICS killer.

  • AnonD-41318

desipunk, 07 Feb 2012N8 India ! not available yet :(not yet available for product code 0599255 N8 in INDIA

  • abhi

desipunk, 07 Feb 2012N8 India ! not available yet :(check with software update in app folder

  • solonestor

Argentina fiends Already available belle update in Argentina , for Claro , Personal, Movistar company Yours solonestor

  • Fullmetal

Wat!!!!! again postponed!!!!i cant take this anymore!!!!!!! :-(

  • SL

from sri lanka
yes at last belle update is available for my c6 01 but alas! its 300MB. My account is not enough for 300mb so now i have to recharge it tommorow.

  • Nokia E6 user

Belle is available in Romania

  • Anonymous

Kamran, 07 Feb 2012 i have updated the belle os on my Nokia N8 .Working fine. Can you please try this? Install whatsapp. "". see If it forces you to enable internet connection? thanks.

  • Ali

the update for my N8 well be soon available its under creation UK region

  • AnonD-41312

In Romania the Belle update is working fine on my N8 .

  • Janos

I have a C6-01 and I cant upgrade my phone!
Nokia Suite kept on telling "error 12048" :(

  • aditya

it is not available for my c7 in india yet.......

  • AnonD-41297

AnonD-34433, 07 Feb 2012I wish it can update now Nokia 500 :(Don't worry. Have a look at:­belle-download-begins-today/

It says: For Nokia 500, Nokia Belle will be made available within the next few weeks.

  • AnonD-14089

yahoooooooo...... im updating my nokia c6-01 now from india but phone bought from arab....

  • Used_ToLoveNokia

Hey guys, I bought my N8 with product code 059D111 in USA, but I live in South America, and no updates are available, any suggestions? I think that other people with same product code are having issues also? BR

  • AnonD-15976

Nokia Belle update availability of different regions globally

Nice web page done by Nokia­e-update/nokia-belle-update-availability

  • AnonD-41310

not available in india as of yet!!!!!!!!

  • Pk

@Desi Punk It's Available...I've Downloaded it through OVI suite

  • Salman Nadeem

Just updated my Nokia E6-00 to belle. Running great. like 70 percent better than anna. More responsive and much more interesting than anna. Good job nokia apart from the long wait. But i guess the wait is worth the result. Im from pakistan and product code is (059f4m5). Finally nokia made an effort to regain the trust of their customers. If Belle didn't come out on e6 i would have changed my brand a long time ago so good job nokia.

  • maguz

JOVRIEN, 07 Feb 2012Philippines too! I'm updating my N8 now. My mouth is frothing as... morehow did you update your n8? im from philippines also. i cant update my n8. tell me how