Samsung Galaxy A80 goes on sale

01 July 2019
Yours in Europe for €649 and in three colors.

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I guess I'll "buy" my existing phone for $0 till something truly revolutionary shows up. And gets a deep discount in a year or two :D

  • Jack

€850 for malaysia? Super expenses to buy a rubbish..

It will be a fail. But Samsung and advertising agencies will try lie do whatever to sell this crap.

  • Ferwxc

This koreans, think people are dumb or what, 650 Euros for a mid ranger with a crappy camera with some mechanism.

  • A

omg. It's beter to buy last year's flagship(s9/s9+) that is waterproof and has better display protection(gorilla 5 vs 3 here) and costs less. I would even better buy 2017's A8/A8+ that also look more solid to me(waterproof + higher gorilla version) and costs less than 300€.

Glad that I live in Saudi Arabia as most of smartphones here are cheaper than in Eurobe and North America. This device Galaxy A80 is SR 2300 here with all tax which means it costs us $612 (a.k.a €539)

P.S Snapdragon 730 is more of a flagship CPU than of a mid tier CPU.
Basically it is power-saving flagship CPU [ just like i7 CPU that ends with U letter ]

  • Anonymous

Same price as s10e??? And I thought that will make a flagship killer (a90). It seems that a90 will be just another flagship

Malaysian pricing was a placeholder. The actual official price of A80 is RM2499 (about USD$600).


  • Love the Community

Why buy this premium midranger where you can buy something as functionally similar but superior and cheaper as the Asus Zenfone 6? It has a headphone jack, dedicated microSD slot, notification light, FM Radio for all places, DxOMark worthy flip camera when it comes to selfies and JerryRigEverything approved durable flip camera.

What does it have and I don't care about AMOLED.

Its too expensive~ even RM4,000 its more than a flagship.... Does A80 considered as flagship or mid range? Meanwhile S10e ’about’ RM2,699~