2019 iPhone family's CAD renders surface

01 July 2019
With the square camera bumps and all.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2019can't wait till Android copies this design!This is a copy of Android design itself. Huwaei Mate 20 Pro ...

  • potato

CptPower, 04 Jul 2019Since Jobs is gone every year the apples are worse and wors... moreboring opinion

Since Jobs is gone every year the apples are worse and worse.
Would sack all the people responsible for this horrific design.
A muti trillion company but employ trash people.

  • Anonymous

can't wait till Android copies this design!

  • Anonymous

The giant camer square blog is so ugly. I can't believe both Apple and Google are going with this. I was happy that Google was sticking it out with a single camera. Except for the Nokia 9 Pureview, it's mostly gimmicks that don't add much to the photography.

I wish Google would go back to the design of the Pixel one, where the phone was slightly wedge shaped, thicker at the top end, allowing there to be no camera bump. It was not noticeable and still the nicest design of all the Pixel phones.

the not on the XIS Max looks better than before, that's the only compensable thing. too bad the freaking square on the back ruins it all.

  • Yann

That's why Jony Ive Leaving Apple. This is $hit from design point of view.
IPhone was a mark for design since the beginning. IPhone 4 was a remarkable device.
This is $hit.

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2019Just buy cheap good smartphone and one good laptop instead ... moreThanks but no thanks. I own a gaming pc even though I can customise a pc, change icons and themes, but I don't care about that so I leave it on original icons and theme. That's one of reasons android doesn't appeal to me. I'm happy with my iPhone. That's what's it's all about really. If someone is happy with what they have then it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks.

  • Anonymous

kalel, 02 Jul 2019Here in the UK the xr is cheaper than samsung and Huawei l... moreJust buy cheap good smartphone and one good laptop instead of an iPhone.

[deleted post]Here in the UK the xr is cheaper than samsung and Huawei latest devices. I keep hold of my phones as long as I can. Apple updates last longer for devices which suits me more. I know people with 2 to 3 year old android devices and can't update their os anymore and have to buy a new device. I also prefer the security more. I don't care about brand names and don't buy expensive brands. I do prefer t shirts without expensive logos. It's not all about showing off. I know others who love keeping hold of their iphones as they get to update them longer and don't have to waste money buying new devices every 2 years. As less innovation now everywhere. Not much difference from a samsung s8 and samsung s10 for example.

  • Anonymous

It still has the Fat notch.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2019Everything is good when you pay lots of money for..apple.Xr is the most popular iPhone model. Isn't Huawei, Samsung flagships more expensive??

[deleted post]nah, I buy smartphone as paper-weight

  • Anonymous

Everything is good when you pay lots of money for..apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019How can people still buy iPhones if the design is that shit ?!Just to annoy u i guess ...

  • Anonymous

Oh my God the back of the phone looks like it has a debilitating disease or something. At least Huawei managed to make it look good because of the central positioning of the main camera and its properly aligned triple cameras, even the Pixel 4 is more tolerable compared to this.

  • GIF

[deleted post]It matters how it looks or performs since iPhones are using iOS. And you know, it is different and many people just like it better. Same as many people like Android.

As I know in North America no one cares what brand you are using, people are using what they like and who is offering better service. Apple have really amazing customer service. Might be different in your country.
And if we are talking about prices then I'm pretty sure that iPhone Xr is far from most expensive phones in market, so you can't really say people buying iPhone because it is just expensive.

Ohhhh nooooo!
The bump! The notch! Those holes on the notch! What a terrible fashion design!
How will (insert name of celebrity) be able to carry such a terrible fashion statement?

Get it? iPhone is nothing more than "a fashion statement" (as are a lot of high end smart phones). When a new phone is announced and presented, they just fall all over themselves talking about how slim, sexy, colorful & stylish they are, talk about all the new gadgets & features, but never once telling you how they work AS A PHONE. All that style & color gets covered by a protective case, given how EXPENSIVE they are.
Give me a 6" phone, with a small amount of bezel, good single lens camera, 4,000mAH battery and you can keep all that "slim, sexy, colorful, stylish" crap (along with the overpriced nonsense).

  • Anonymous

Fire John Ive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[deleted post]It doesn't matter how it looks but it does matter how it performs. And it performs so much better than almost all phones. Check the performance charts it kinda gives the answer why people buy them.