LG G8s ThinQ finally released globally

02 July 2019
The device is a slightly cheaper alternative of the flagship G8 ThinQ.

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Kangal, 03 Jul 2019LG flopped hard with the end of the V30. They did somethin... moreYou're completely right, the shift in management really made a bad turn for their mobile industry. I don't think any flagship company would make their phones 16:9 as that's considered an "old standard" in this new all screen era. There are a very small handful of android one LG phones, but they aren't exactly very high end

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    • 03 Jul 2019

    They're obviously copying Apple with names like Hand ID and G8s.

      TheWildShadow55, 03 Jul 2019This might be the phone that ends it all for LG. I see it f... moreLG flopped hard with the end of the V30.
      They did something right with that phone: focus on the camera software over the hardware. They had the best camera App with manual control and RAW support, and they actually marketed it. It had good performance, great price, and best audio/headphone support. The only thing that hammered it were the lacklustre monospeaker (like all the competition), poor track-record of software, and the issues with the Display QC (Google Pixel 2XL also suffered).

      I believe the management shift at LG at this time had plenty to do with what came next. The very unforgettable LG G7 and the terrible flagship V40, which followed onto the awkward V50 and the unreleased LG G8/G8s. Each release had them losing money, and then selling the phones at 40% off later to try and make the losses. A vicious cycle of incompetence.

      Here's the turning point where they could have turned it around:
      - Guerilla marketing and strategic advertising
      - Make their devices AndroidOne compliant, taking care for long and timely updates
      - Introduce the front-firing stereo loudspeakers, advertise the heck out of it
      - Make the phone symmetrical, advertise the heck out of it
      - Increase durability to not require case, advertise the heck out of it
      - Revert back to 16:9 to make the devices more compact, advertise the heck out of it
      - Push the envelope in terms of battery life/capacity, advertise the heck out of it
      - Keep the DualSIM, microSD, QuadDAC Headphone Jack as standard for their devices
      - Either stick to 1440p IPS, or roll-back to 1080p-OLED with high quality
      - Start distancing cameras apart to use 3D effects, and software-create Ultrawide photos/videos or even 360' VR recordings/livestreams.

      Basically, they needed to do what the ASUS RoG Phone did, but with more plain/less offensive styling and waterproofing. More focus on the basics, and advertising the heck out of it. Then afterwards, focus on "gimmicks" like camera etc etc.

      There's no reason why OnePlus should be more successful than LG's mobile division. They are one of the pioneers of the industry alongside Sony, Samsung, and Apple.

        This might be the phone that ends it all for LG. I see it flopping hard

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          • 02 Jul 2019

          It would have been ok if they would have planned to release G9 instead. :) :) I thought LG just forgot to launch LG G8. Late Kate!!!! Can we call it Galaxy Note 10 Killer :) :) (Sorry for the bad Joke! ).

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            • 02 Jul 2019

            Hope the Gsmarena team will be reviewing this one as well.

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              • 02 Jul 2019

              No more LG and Sony for Middle East, Africa and some of Asian countries.

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                • 02 Jul 2019

                marcus bum, 02 Jul 2019stop trolllling . lg g8 has last android osLG has problem with slow updates, very slow.

                  I like the reflective blue color

                    sunshift, 02 Jul 2019Meanwhile the regular G8 is not being sold in Europe despit... moreThere will be no regular LG G8, only LG g8s.

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                      • 02 Jul 2019

                      Anonymous, 02 Jul 2019No updates. No buy.stop trolllling . lg g8 has last android os

                        Meanwhile the regular G8 is not being sold in Europe despite "releasing globally" months ago.

                          " less impressive trio of cameras." Huh? What are the differences?

                            If they price well, it will sell. The market is now highly competitive

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                              • 02 Jul 2019

                              No updates. No buy.