Samsung F250 is music-styled slider

6 Dec, 2007
Yeah, we know what you're thinking - yet another slider by Samsung. But think about it this way - it's the form factor Samsung are best at and improvement is apparent with every new model. Samsung F250...

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  • yus

i want 1 of these fonez but can you multitask on this fone

  • suresh pant

one of the best reson sond is too good ....try it samsung f250

  • neil

whats the price of this fone .can anyone plz help,im planning to have this one.,and is it reliable???

  • aadrian

its cheap and well designed, i think its still on samsung style, not nokia copy, i dont mind with low specs, i will go so samsung store to check wether the material is well, sturdy, or cheap plastic, then decided to buy it or not..

  • para

Look guys! Use camera too make your pictures and phone too make your phone calls. F250 looks amazing and it is much more afordable then n81. N81, comparing desighn, looks like a granpa of f250. So, who cant aford too by a camera, can by n81. I prefer a stilish not expensive phone like f250.

  • Anonymous


and it's pretty good, with good price.

a bought a blue one, and it has a good system, some nice SOUND hardware...

I liked it a lot, and I'm not buying another cellphone for a long time...

  • matt

@sound off guy.. i agree totally... where is the battle of the music phones?? or is gsmarena waiting till the new year.. for nokia's n91 successor??

  • Anonymous

Since you have a "shoot-out competition" going on, you might as well have a "sound-off competition"

Sounds good. Its like Samsung Music vs. Nokia Xpress Music vs. SE Walkman.
Thats quite nice isn't?

  • Anonymous

ok guys! this is a total rip off from the n81! talk about originality! damn!!!

  • Max

Are ppl stupid!!!this fone is dayum gud!its a lower end fone 4 crying out loud!GO samsung NO1 spot is waiting 4 you!!!

  • Vajee555

samsung will beat nokia's good looking phone.not like nokia n81.if someone looking for a good camera phone, you are better to go for a samsung phone.i already have a samsung D838.the camera images are perfect when compared to same nokia N series cameras.i love samsung.they are the best....

  • MisTeRV

I think it looks like a cheap Nokia N81... I'm sorry but Samsung isn't that interesting anymore..

  • Luckyman

looks nokia 5200

  • analysist

why dont real users b given the first chance to comment ??? - looks like only employees / people paid to monitor this site keep giving their comments. get a life ppl!

  • Anonymous

Samsung rocks. Another good looking phone from samsung. Samsung keep it up. I am sure oneday samsung will be the number 1 mobile company.

  • ian

why do all people here hate samsung? their all talking about nokia n81, the camera etc... but hey, samsung f250 is cheap than n81.. can u see the difference? samsung make good phone that is affordable and look great.. but nokie made good phone but too expensive for ordinary people... by the way i love samsung

  • Jan

for all you biggots like Bill, Samsung isn't going "back in time". They're merely catering to the lower bracket of the market as nokia does in some of their xpress music phones.

not everyone can afford megapixel phones, and not all of us need it.

personally, my u700's hsdpa and 3g remains unused, and if samsung offered a cheaper u700 without 3g and hsdpa i would get it.

it's all a matter of marketing,something you apparantly know nil about bill.


  • Bill

Cheap build from Samsung which is rare, pathetic screen resolution and most of all a mediocre performing camera, come on Samsung, its almost 2008, not 2004. What happened to the smashing range of 3-5MP cam phones which seem to be seeing a boom, don't go back in time and lower the specs for cying out loud.

  • neil

whoa.. does anybody smell n81 here??

  • harpreet

can anyone give me a review of this phone after testing it ?