Microsoft's Your Phone app syncs photos, texts and notifications to your PC

03 July 2019
More features are in the works, including a way to reply to messages from any app from your PC (currently, only SMS replies are supported).

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NipponFan, 03 Jul 2019I used that to spy on people 😕😂. Just... moreSorry dude for getting back late. How do you spy through Pushbullet? lol. Number 2, will give Telegram a shot, just a while back someone briefly mentioned me this but i just slept on it.

Been "testing" it for a week now...
Not a single notification from my phone on my desktop PC.
I have a feeling the app has to be running actively on PC to work, which makes it somewhat useless.

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DarkKnight7, 03 Jul 2019This is strange because my laptop came pre-installed with this a... moreI've been seeing this app on my computer for a while now ever since 1809 and now 1903, which is weird because I never manually installed it nor did I join the Windows Insider program.

  • Anonymous

This 'app' was installed without my knowledge. I only discovered it when I found it running in my processes in task manager. I recommend anyone with Windows check to see if it's already installed as part of an update package.

  • Anonymous

Android messages web does this !!!

I've tried this app several times (as part of insider program) and never got it to work properly.

Finally I erased and forgot it...

Blacktoothgrin, 03 Jul 2019Pushbullet is another good & similar app, that works fine fo... moreI used that to spy on people 😕😂.

Just use telegram for file sharing and link sharing. Cross device, cross platform, safe

This is strange because my laptop came pre-installed with this app (version 1809)


This was a old feature, now you found it?

Even though Windows phone failed, Microsoft is doing better with Android eco system.

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and that's what hackers can do. 0_o

  • .alpha

How about other apps like replying to WeChat?

Pushbullet is another good & similar app, that works fine for me. Plus, you can also send & share links to multiple devices that you use.