Asus ROG Phone 2 will support 30W charging

03 July 2019
That's as fast as the original ROG Phone. There seems to be a second version too, capped at 18W.

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Phones to buy :

Flagship : Galaxy s10/Huawei P30 Pro
Budget Flagship : Zenfone 6/Redmi K20 Pro

Gaming Flagship: Asus ROG 2
Budget Gaming Flagship : Nubia Red Magic 3

I hope they reconsider the price

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2019it's now hard to make decision should consumer buy ROG phon... moreThose more affordable prices have their reasons ...
Since when has Black Shark 2 - 90Hz display?!
and that buggy ZTE/nubia phones whitout updates lol

I think you do not know this phones
and even less the ROG Desktop Dock,
if comparing it with 3rd party crap ...

  • Anonymous

I wish Asus could bring these beast phones to the US. I guess you could import them, but carrier compatibility is always hit or miss.

There's now more competition in the field from the likes of the Razer Phone 2, Xiaomi BlackShark 2, and Nubia RedMagic 3 (and various other Flagship and Upper-Midrange devices).

With that said, if the RoG Phone 2 gets proper IP68 certification, gets microSD slot, and gets proper root/custom roms... then it's already sold in my books. I'd get it over the OnePlus 7 Pro and S10+ for the better speakers and durability, not to mention the better emulation experience. Especially when they use the updated camera and software from the ZenFone 6.

please come with a large screen , no one can play anything on small screens

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it's now hard to make decision should consumer buy ROG phone or not, or justify the reason why we should buy it, because now many phone manufacturer offer flagship grade with more affordable price or more reasonable than rog. For example: Nubia red magic 3 offer phone with integrated active cooling fan inside its more reasonable than rog phone with fan attachment which only blows the body and it seem nothing more than decoration, also equipped with 5000mah and amoled display at 90hz which is enough. Samsung, although expensive but with only samsung dex station or any cheap 3rd party hdmi/multiport adapter can turn your phone into a full desktop experience its far more affordable than rog phone which need that ridiculously expensive docking station. And there are many affordable gaming grade phones like blackshark 2 (with 90hz is more than enough than 120hz for a phone), Iqoo and the more cheaper Iqoo neo, then we got Asus 6 a price-conscious flagship (5000mah, bezelles-no notch although not amoled, excellent camera for selfie too).
ROG 2 have to come packing with more features to win outstand from the crowd

  • solopolo

Is anybody on this website owning rog 1?

And lag in online moba, just like the first. Nah, asus should stay with computers!

  • Mr.

i like eut