Weekly poll results: Underscreen cameras can't come soon enough

07 July 2019
Notches, punch holes, pop-ups and flip-ups get little love - people just want their selfie cams under the screen (if they want them at all).

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Nicolas F, 08 Jul 2019"The outside" is appearance; and the design of a smartphone is h... moreUp front you really can't see that it's different and has an original design?
There is no notch, no waterdrop, it has bezels and it is an actual mirror. There is absolutely no other phone like this. Not even similar.

Denis Thomas, 07 Jul 2019I was talking about design. The outside, the shell of the phone?... more"The outside" is appearance; and the design of a smartphone is how it is engineered (or, as it is usually said, "designed") from a technical point of view.

Anyway, the appearance of XZ Premium is also not "original" - usual brick, as others. And it shouldn't be "original", because it doesn't matter at all.

Nicolas F, 07 Jul 2019I don't care about presence or absence of front-facing cameras. ... moreI was talking about design. The outside, the shell of the phone?
You follow?

  • AnonD-875452

Bezel or flip-up camera for me. Imagine taking photos of the clouds without bending your back. A decent case would not work for the latter I would imagine.

Flip ups would be the best option IMO. Your selfie quality would be as good as your primary camera and you can capture wonderful panorama images. You cannot expect the best of both images and display in an underscreen camera design. They have to sacrifice either the quality of the image or the display in the process. I can imagine that the price increasing drastically with underscreen camera. Pretty sure Apple is going to charge $3000+ for their version.

Denis Thomas, 07 Jul 2019You obviously haven't seen a Sony Xperia XZ Premium in hand to s... moreI don't care about presence or absence of front-facing cameras.

And you didn't answer my questions about why so-called "originality" matters at all.
XZ Premium has nothing original. Maybe except useless UHD display - well, it is the kind of unpractical "originality" that smartphones don't need.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2019Get a life ;)That's really stupid statement =) Videocalls aren't by any means a necessary part of a life.

  • Jeanne

does that mean its not coming on then?

  • marble_wraith

yeah except you forgot to put an option in the poll... standard "forehead" gives you room for decent front-facing speaker and cameras, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

DukeOfDoom, 07 Jul 2019no idea where this is going °_°I think it's stupid to remove features on a phone like water resistance and headphone jack. But that's just me because my phone has both features.
But what do I know? His phone is better without a headphone jack neither water resistance.
Apparently it's smart now to have less features than previous models. And it's smart to buy the new model, even though it is worse with less features than the previous one.

So I guess I'm stupid for having everything.

Denis Thomas, 07 Jul 2019People who use their front cameras are stupid? Why?no idea where this is going °_°

YuccaPalm, 07 Jul 2019Of course people here don't care about selfie camera. This site ... moreits a tech site for nerds and enthusiasts.. why are you here in the comments?

The article says;
"Actually, flip-up cameras lost to the pop-up and notch designs, despite providing much better image quality than both"

That's not true flip up got 786 votes, notch got 777

  • Anonymous

AnonD-819322, 07 Jul 2019Can't we just have normal bezels...I take bezel over under display camera any day

  • AnonD-819322

Can't we just have normal bezels...

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2019this vice versa means 99.99% are stupid... lolPeople who use their front cameras are stupid? Why?

  • Anonymous

A powerful smartphone without a single camera would be neat.

Nicolas F, 07 Jul 2019I'm not against "bezels" (after all, there is Meizu 16s which is... moreYou obviously haven't seen a Sony Xperia XZ Premium in hand to see what originality means.
And Just because you don't use a front facing camera, 98% of users do at some point. So the minority is irrelevant.

  • Dometalican

I have never been a fan of 'killing all bezels'. It's stupid. The ZTE Axon 7 was the best design in the smartphone world. Literally an updated version of it with a 5,500mAH+ battery, tri camera rear, dual front cameras, cooling solution, latest processor, 6"; 16:9 ratio; 2K/4K screen with 90Hz refresh rate, MIL-STD-G rating, 32-bit DAC, 6/8GB RAM, and expandable 128GB ROM would literally do the trick...

...but with companies dictating that bezels are bad, we'll never get a phone like that.

AnonD-794217, 07 Jul 20190,01% people in the world agree with youtruth be told :)