Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition goes on pre-order in some countries

05 July 2019
Rather than painting the phone, Samsung bundles this edition with a black-and-pink protective case, charging stand and USB cable.

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I am using a Samsung phone, its technology is amazing.

  • shin

samsung should release blackpink special edition for note 10 and note 10+ when release too. It will be a hit for sure

  • ali

124C4+1, 08 Jul 2019Samsung should've went with TWICE, they're also from a bett... morewhat do you mean blackpink are good girls and samsung is a respectful company please Explain your words and convince me.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2019They hack the views that they have on youtube. they make ... moreWow a jealous hater speaking be right because Youtibe

124C4+1, 08 Jul 2019Samsung should've went with TWICE, they're also from a bett... moreBLACKPINK Carry's YG weight and are more popular than Disney channel Twice, no thank you but YG has always done business with Samsung. Sorry but JYP makes Twice slaves for overworking with Medicore songs and just have catchy title songs. Let me know when a side-b song gets in the charts lmao

[deleted post]Lmaooo Once are salty as always

I already have the Note 9 & OnePlus Pro 7 but BlackPink Special edition 😍 I have to have it!

  • 124C4+1

Samsung should've went with TWICE, they're also from a better company that isn't involved in scandalous activity like drug dealing, financial fraud, prostitution and a bunch of other sex crimes. Blackpink is a paper tiger created by fraud and manipulation, long live JYP Entertainment.

As for the phone, if you pull the 3.5mm jack at least make it water proof and make the screen smaller than the absurd 6.7 inch screen. Most importantly either add more features at this same price or reduce the price aggressively cause it's not competitive as is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019The infamous hacker.They hack the views that they have on youtube.
they make it like 100m+
changing the IP address then watch again. using one computer

do not preorder!

zillion, 06 Jul 2019Who is blackpink anyway?Singers from South Korea. Samsung is a Korean brand anyway. No surprise there. Let them do whatever they want with their country brand.


Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019blackPink ?? uhmmm a crayon ???Asks a person who doesn't know about COACHELLA EVENT in CA

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019atleast it doesn't have a notch :Pu must be plastic lover huh ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019What is next? Nutela edition? who cares about nutela ??? just creating your own topic duhh !!

  • Anonymous

What is next? Nutela edition?

  • Anonymous

zillion, 06 Jul 2019Who is blackpink anyway?blackPink ?? uhmmm a crayon ???

Blackpink is quite popular here in Malaysia, there's even some old people listening to them. But even with their branding, I would rather spend an extra MYR 100 (around $25) and buy the Galaxy S10e instead. After all, the price seems remain unchanged from the standard A80.

Yes, I'll have smaller screen, less RAM, no triple camera setup and smaller battery with lower watt charge. But in return, I have microSD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and the same primary and ultrawide camera as the one used on S10e's triple camera bigger brother.

  • Anonymous

if this will be a Suicide Silence edition of A80 i will buy 2 \w/(o.O)\w/

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019shout out to all metal heads out there :) kpop SUCKKSSSSSS!!I've heard worse than Blackpink, but I'd rather listen to the new Darkthrone any day.