Google Pixel 4 XL renders show a classic top bezel, no notch or punch hole

08 July 2019
The top bezel comfortably fits a dual camera, an extra sensor (3D IR sensor maybe) and a speaker.

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  • Anonymous

project soli!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Jeez, why the hate? It's just a stoopid phone from some stoopid company, everybody chill.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-875452, 10 Jul 2019Back to reliable bezels? Google is not finished yet! Bring ... moreI agree 100%. Google needs to stand out (in a unique, but good way) in order to compete. A retro non-bezelless design with 16:9 aspect ratio would be a good start - a maverick of sorts against the current trend. Add to that the things most phone manufacturers are doing away with or which a few never had: headphone jack, dual SIM with separate/dedicated micro sd slot, removable battery, FM radio, IR blaster, blinking, color changing notification LED, etc.) and I'm 100% sure the Google Pixel phone will finally take off.

  • Anonymous

Looks chic and retro at the same time. Good thing the Apple envy (that huge ugly notch) is gone. Now if only it had 16:9 aspect ratio, it would have completed that retro look. In an era where all phones look the same (bezelless and shampoo bottle like with elongated 19.5:19+ NarrowView displays and curved edges), that retro look may be a breath of fresh air. Who knows, maybe more people will buy the Pixel 4 XL for that retro look, never mind if it's crippled as usual without dual SIM, micro SD slot and headphone jack.

"no notch or punch hole"... but with a forehead. lolz

  • Noel

Design-wise it seems Google is making it difficult for many of us to buy the Pixel was with the the Pixel 3XL and now looks like the upcoming Pixel 4XL as well. I want to be surprised with a masterpiece..i doubt it though.

  • AnonD-875452

Back to reliable bezels? Google is not finished yet! Bring back headphone jack, and add expandable storage with removable battery. All that and IP68? You can do it! Do not allow Apple to dictate manufacturers how to make a smartphone - Stand Out!

  • Flow

bot!, 09 Jul 2019can you suggest a phone with good specs, big battery and a jack?K20 pro.

bot!, 09 Jul 2019can you suggest a phone with good specs, big battery and a jack?S10+

  • bot!

fig, 09 Jul 2019Cute little battery and no Jack, poor Google still learningcan you suggest a phone with good specs, big battery and a jack?

  • fig

Cute little battery and no Jack, poor Google still learning

  • Anonymous

Long Pham, 09 Jul 2019Most people nowaday buy phone for their performance and look.Most phones are not true all screen. The cut out,the notches and the punch holes are opposite of clean design.

Dont forget bezel have funtional purposes. All screen phone sacrifices those functions.

Much preferring this to the look of the 3 XL, as long as the bezels are slim enough it really doesn't bother me, in fact a couple of small bezels on top and bottom improve the phone in my opinion! Big ugly notches on the other hand...

  • Jimbob

Jeez they are quick to do a u turn.. keep the ugly notch google...

All these rediculous remarks about what the phone looks like! They're not running a beauty contest and I prefer funcionality over looks any day. All those bricks are look- a- likes anyway. Do people really think that others care what your phone looks like? The important issue is if it performs to your needs and everything else is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

Always functional, always ugly.

  • alemano

Classic top and bottom bezels are the way to go. Forget about notches, wholes and other weird design solutions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2019Clean, good, simple design is what vast majority of all peo... moreGet with the times grandpa. Nobody does 3.5mm now.

Fugly phone with weird rear camera setup.

Still one of the ugliest phones on the Planet.