HTC Sensation lineup gets Android ICS in late March

09 February, 2012
HTC Sensation and Sensation XE will get ICS by the end of March, with the Sensation XL update to follow shortly.

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  • pad

...later this year means mid next year.
i know it, had a hero...

  • souwq

Argh!, 09 Feb 2012My Desire HD isnt even on 2.3.4 yet goddamn.same here lol

  • Anonymous

I seriously loathe HTC for not providing my old HTC Desire with an OTA Gingerbread upgrade, the hardware CAN handle it, why wouldn't you do it?

  • Han

Thanks for support my DesireS with ICS

  • Anonymous

can't wait to get it on my sensation xe :D

  • AnonD-9694

DESIRE HD is one of the rarest smartphone getting latest updates !!!!it took birth with 2.1android then came 2.2froyo android afterthat 2.3.3gingerbread...then the latest is 2.3.5 with SENSE 3.0....and now ICECREAM SANDWITCH!!!this is my best smartphone ,,,never sell it...i do have the latest galaxy note but DHD is special for me!!!!thanks htc.

  • wira

AnonD-3226, 10 Feb 2012Nice...i've just had my XE with ver 2.3.6 for a few weeks now an... moreIs the 2.3.6 are official update ?? When will be available in Indonesia

  • germandude

I hope the dock will not be the look of from a regular launcher. Hope it will have either a new cool dock or from the Sense UI.

  • ...

Was really sad that my desire s wasnt mentioned when htc announced the phones thatll get ics. When sony announced that their low end phones will get ics, i had this feeling that htc will make an update for ds. Maybe they just dont want to say right then and there but they are quietly working on it. Chinese/taiwanese is the best in doing good business. I hope many people notice this too and i wish htc the best and they do goos this year.

  • dr. nr

Desire HD too, that was the best news for a while. Thank you HTC!!!

  • kujinthan

awesome i like this. i wait for this upgrade

  • Dat.Huynh

I have been waitting this a long time. My Sensation 4g will to be a pretty phone.

  • Xazvi kugblenu

l can't wait to see my incredible s get updated too ! am waiting patiently to have the feel ......
kudos - htc

  • the_seba

I'm wondering what kind of strategic marketing decisions hide behind companies like Samsung and HTC insisting on porting new Android releases ONLY with their Whatever UI on top.
Wouldn't it be slightly more consumer-friendly to give users a choice, say HTC releasing an optional purebreed ICS update a week after it launches while working on the eye-candy Sense topping just to release it some time later?

  • Prem

I fell in love with the Desire S when I first saw it in pics.. Bought mine on september, a great choice.. Thanks HTC.. Lots of love..

  • MJ

I cant bliv that DHD will get ICS

Yippiee, thnxx HTC

  • Star Yu

Yes... I thought Desire HD won't Get it but Im happy :)

  • Ashish

will T-mobile HTC sensation get this update ?

  • abbasz22

wow!! i've been waiting for this news ever since ive heard about HTC sensation getting an update on Android ice cream.. i just cant wait to see my XE getting ice cream on it..

  • Arun Kumar Nechlani

Thanks HTC for such a great information, updating Indredible S, Desire S and Desire HD is just woowwwww....!!1