Snapdragon 215 unveiled: faster 64-bit CPU, dual camera support, still 28nm

09 July 2019
It replaces the S212, which had a troublesome 32-bit CPU. Also, this supports 19:9 screens and additional connectivity options.

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Zero, 09 Jul 2019And few days later... Mediatek releases the new Helio A40 with ... moreQualcomm does not care, they still basically owning entire market for themselfs.

Now expect a Samsung Note 10 with this new chipset because SD855 is getting 3/4 year old.

  • Anonymous

asiandoestech, 09 Jul 2019Nokia, mediocre??? 2010 had much worse chips than the 212 and 215.unfortunately, yes, NOKIA is not as it was before Android time..... that nokia is gone....
I liked them too....

Should've at least used the 14nm process... 28nm is so 2012...

  • Shika

Wish they could release a successor to SD450 or SD636

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2019So a renamed snapsragon 410No, the core in CPU Is different is basically a snap 425 but little worse

  • gringo

this could be a dream in 2011 for many !!! ... but in 2019 who is interested. Seriously qualcomm !!!

  • Marvellous_Kid

This happens when these MNCs doesn't have proper competition, they take whatever price they want and they get it, put rubbish SoCs in market without much of an improvement.

And they do have made name in lots of 3rd World Countries, Snapdragon SoC of any series is accepted as superior then Exynos or MediaTek equivalent.

I wonder if it's Android that sucks so much or do nowadays processors. Nokia 808 that sported 41 mpx camera had single core 1,3ghz arm 11. Granted, it also had dedicated camera co-processor but that too was single core.

  • Gared

Better options are Redmi 7A which is a sub $100 phone which already has sd 439. Or a Huawei Y6 2019 with Helio A22. Or add some more cash for Nokia 3.2 with SD 429.

  • Anonymous

So a renamed snapsragon 410

  • AnonD-875452

I like Snapdragon 200 series. Snapdragon 210 was their most efficient and power sipping. I owned an LG Tribute 5 and the 2100mAh was moderately long when only playing music. 64-bit is a huge upgrade because the majority of app developers use Google Play, and in two years 32-bit apps will be removed, making a lot of Android smartphones obsolete(but imagine the prices for them). Dual cameras are nice, but I do not want to pay under 100 dollars for a dual camera phone, because custom ROMs did not work with my M8. 19:9 ratio support and between means low end phones will have tall screens, but in my mind this only tells me Qualcomm wants to phase out 16:9. Upgraded ac Wi-Fi is faster than n Wi-Fi, and although I am concerned I think ac uses much more battery life than n, USB tethering would provide faster internet to computers. Overall a chipset for budget phones of the future, with the positives and the negatives both weighed.

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2019LOL only extremely mediocre companies like Nokia would ever thin... moreNokia, mediocre??? 2010 had much worse chips than the 212 and 215.

Peter-B, 09 Jul 2019These are the phones that used the Snapdragon 212. Also, the Red... moreAll of them are ancient period phones. Lumia 650 odd a huge fail

Peter-B, 09 Jul 2019Not quite. The S425 also has a better modem (X6 vs. X5) and dual... moreI see that now.
The SD425 page doesn't show any IMS features (VoLTE, EVS, WiFi Calling) though, which is why I assumed it had improved comms but then I saw that page (­ch-Specs/) which says the SD425 support at least WiFi Calling and VoLTE. I guess what's new is the official 19:9 screen support and EVS. With a few downgrades as you said.

It would make a lot of sense to drop the SD425, especially with the SD429 available, and give this instead to the lowest tier. Though honestly I'd just drop the whole 4 series.

  • Anonymous

Avoid any phone with this chip...... i would not recommend not even to my grand parents...

ProJames-CHM, 09 Jul 2019Sounds like a slightly better SD425 (better ISP and comms)Not quite. The S425 also has a better modem (X6 vs. X5) and dual ISP (but no dual cam support). Qualcomm probably just wants to stop making the S425 (if it hasn't already) and offer the S215 instead to makers looking for a chipset on the cheap.­cessors/425

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Unisoc SC9863 over this lame quad-core with A53 cores vs the eight A55 cores and amazing PowerVR GPU on the Unisoc! >:

Sounds like a slightly better SD425 (better ISP and comms)

  • Anonymous

Stop this series