Nokia 9 PureView finally comes to India

10 July 2019
The Nokia 9 PureView can be yours for INR 50,000.

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  • Anonymous

Oneplus 7 32 k with oled display and sd855

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019You mean to say Nokia 9 is blockbuster in all over the worl... moreLol where do you got those info see the twitter with loaded #Nokia9PureView hash tag with bunch of details to impress and those where captured by real and happy users. The only rejected people where those fake youtubers that operates with money.

  • Anonymous

o1eroy, 11 Jul 2019Indians only concern about quantity. They don't know how to... moreYou mean to say Nokia 9 is blockbuster in all over the world ?? All countries rejected Nokia 9 and Onida is going to do same thing

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2019You Indians are so picky for no reason. So what if it has l... moreIndians only concern about quantity. They don't know how to appreciate quality. That's why Xiaomi, Oppo and other Chinese brands so popular here. False advertising with copy design doing well here. Chinese brand giving the latest chipsets, lots of RAM (unnecessary). These brands playing on numbers.

  • Anonymous

SKR..., 10 Jul 2019Chunky bezels, Snapdragon 845, not even 855, camera quality... moreWell no display cutout is design choice.. SD845 is fine. Yes camera performance in night/low light is little disappointing. UDFPS is deal breaker. Other then this if is fantastic. But price is little costly. But the freebies are there to justify..

  • Mallik

Very soon price will become half. Then we can think and invest

  • Anonymous

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 10 Jul 2019This is a niche phone. It would be ignorant of anyone to as... moreWhat details?!!! Same amount of detailat you get on mi9. The only thing is the raw part, salveze on Xiaomi phones by Ising gcam.

  • raw

flop phone..flop penta camera..Pixel is far better that u nokia with 1 camera..

  • Lauryboy

I highly doubt anyone will wanna pay 50k for a chipset that's a year old... There are a few other really good camera phones with the Snapdragon 855 for the same price.

PriteshThakker, 10 Jul 2019Well, Nokia company is different, they stopped making Smart... moreHe is probably 9 years old.

Comes or goes?

actually for its price, some 530-560 eur in Europe, is a good phone, nice display, fine resolution, the photo hardware is very good though it missing a zoom and the onboard photo software is not for regular user posting on facebook the picture of the pizza they had when outing downtown, as it requires a little bit of work (some actually like this in order to get a picture processed to fit their concept of a good image...). ok, there were some issues with the fingerprint recognition, but "thick bezels, last year look,... " ? for the good sake, do you buy a phone in order to use it or just for fancy and show? well, anyhow, for this phone or whatever other phone: you like (and need it) it? you buy it. you don't like it? don't buy it, who cares....?

  • Anonymous

You Indians are so picky for no reason. So what if it has last year's chipset? That doesn't make it no slouch whatsoever. It doesn't have chunky bezels at all, a symmetrical chin and forehead are way better than a notch at the top. It does have a better camera than your Redmi Note 7 though so if that's what's making you angry then I suggest you get a job.

Bad battery. Nokia incompetent battery.

  • DJJ

Waiting for NSERIES!! Come on!!!

This is a niche phone. It would be ignorant of anyone to assume that will reach mainstream level of sales, or the measure of this phones success is the number of units it has sold. Nope, many people in the comments section are ABSOLUTELY WRONG in judging the criteria for this device.

Of course, this is not going to reach Xiaomi/S10/OnePlus level of sales. This is for people who prioritise capturing DETAIL in a pic and have sufficient ability to edit and post process the pictures later at an expert level. I am not one of them, but my brother is and for him, this phone is almost -perfectly suited (almost, because he does not agree with the colour calibration of the screen). Perhaps he will buy this device or perhaps he will wait for the next generation with improved processor...either way, I can't imagine Nokia/HMD being bothered too much in similar cases. Their sales lie in the mid range market and it would definitely be troublesome if they are not able to sell a lot of mainstream devices like Nokia 8.1 or Nokia 6.1 etc.

  • Carol

sj643, 10 Jul 2019RIP N9 Pureview. 35 - 40k was acceptable. was planning to... moreHave patience, the price will go down in about 4 Mounths

  • El Greco

No hate but this and that phone came to India, there are other countries too. As a European company, focus more at those countries!

  • NickTheDude

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2019Samsung s10 is the joke of the yearNokia PureView is the sorrow of the year

  • Anonymous

Are they really serious??????? that too for a previous gen chip set ?????