Google starts seeding Android Q Beta 5, quickly pulls it

11 July 2019
It's unclear when the rollout will resume.

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Android is probably the most incompetently written operating system since MacOS 9. Every year the same story. Every fliuching year they brick devices and every year it take manufacturers a full year to get it "stable" on a lot of their devices.

  • Crudle

Well well ... it's not like they already briked quite a handfull Pixel devices with Beta 4 already (no joke, many people had to sent their phone back to Google) - and now they pull it again - likely due a similar issue?

What the f*** is wrong with Google lately ...

Their Software Quality Assurance is lacking massively accross the table nowadays, accross Android and Chrome OS. Reminds me a bit of Amazon and Microsoft now.

And not in a good way.

  • Anonymous

Pixel users are expensive beta testers

Installed ok on my pixel 2xl.

Is just challenging Apple on most advanced features.
Like pulling an update in less than an hour