Artist creates Google Pixel 4 renders based on the leaks so far

11 July 2019
Google is done experimenting with notches, it's full bezels now. That and square cameras.

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  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 11 Jul 2019notch - hideous hole - ugly top bezel - still ugly The... moreThis

PogChamp, 14 Jul 20191. Almost every phone to date have rounded camera bumps, ac... moreI don't hate the look of the IPhone in general, I hate that freaking camera bump on the back that makes no sense. It's like they want to make the phone notorious even if at the cost of it looking good

Beauty if on the eye of the beholder, so I suppose this is entirely my opinion, but then the majority's opinion is that the new IPhones back is ugly, you should start questioning if maybe you're the one on the wrong.

  • PogChamp

Baykko, 12 Jul 2019You are purposely ignoring some points of what I'm saying a... more1. Almost every phone to date have rounded camera bumps, according to your logic most modern android phones are iPhone copycats.
2. Your comment on the back squared camera makes no sense at all and it seems to me that you are hating the phone just for the sake of hating it. If Google copied the P30 rear camera design I'm sure you would still hate it and wouldn't say 'it makes sense to be inspired by it'. If Samsung can copy the P30 design why can't google copy the Mate 20 squared camera? Because Apple is doing the same as well? Why the double standard?
3. Apple did not come up with the squared camera design first. It doesn't matter if both Apple and Google come with the same exact rear design because Huawei did it first and there's only so little you can change from design perspective. The Mate 20 squared camera is a great design and Google did the right thing to copy it minus the position, of course.
4. Most phones take years to design and build from scratch, it doesn't make any sense for Google to be sitting around waiting for leaked iPhone renders to copy several months before releasing it.

As an iPhone owner I personally like the Pixel 4 leaked renders, I hate notches and pop up cameras (no IP rating). Pixel 3 XL is a mistake and I'm glad Google learned their lesson and ditched the ugly notch altogether. Pixel phones are the only android phones I would consider buying in the future, great camera, stock android, fast update, no bloatware no double accounts, no nonsense and the most secured android phone you can buy today. I just hope Google sorts out their hardware quality control as Pixels have been QC nightmares for every generation (bootloops, mic problems, blue shift, uneven color temperature, static noise, rattling speakers, faulty jack and dongles, etc.).

  • Anonymous

lol iphone and google both going with this ugly look

Baykko, 12 Jul 2019You are purposely ignoring some points of what I'm saying a... moreBut I like that square cameras from Huawei, Google and iPhone. And I'm sure that many other people like it as well. I actually don't understand why galaxy note 10 copied the p30 cos I don't like it at all. I actually had a p30 in my hands today ,I'm not telling porkies, I'm telling the truth. I just don't like it.

Georgi, 12 Jul 2019Maybe you shouldn't full yourself... 99% of the cameras are... moreYou are purposely ignoring some points of what I'm saying and paying attention to others. Its not the squared camera module, or its color, or the fact it also has rounded corners, or the placement of the camera, or the amount of cameras, it's all those elements summed together at the very same time that Apple is about to release a phone with nearly the same design. This Is different from the Note10 looking like the P30 because the P30 looks great and it makes sense to be inspired by it. back of the IPhone XI is shaping to be horrendous and Google is copying it for no reason whatsoever.

  • e

google shouldve followed mi mix 1 one and put everything in the bottom with a single notch and right-top-left all equally spaced... but this top+bottom awkward notch spacing really bothers me

  • .alpha

That's one ugly phone. Like those fake iPhone EverythingApplePro like to show on this channel

Baykko, 12 Jul 2019Don't fool yourself, the back of this phone looks like that... moreMaybe you shouldn't full yourself... 99% of the cameras are placed in that place, I think you didn't see that many phones in your life. It's not very often when a phone camera is placed in the middle like Huawei did. For me it doesn't really matter because I have an iPhone X's and a galaxy note 8 , but I don't like rubbish talk.

Georgi, 12 Jul 2019I don't see any connection between this pixel and iPhone , ... moreDon't fool yourself, the back of this phone looks like that of the new IPhone. That camera module is placed in the exact same place, of the exact same color (Apple will probably release other colors) and almost the exact same size. Being such an ugly design there is no reason to replicate it other than blatantly mimic the IPhone XI.

  • impixel2user

Stop the notched trend, it realy look like a tumor in the screen.

I wish they made it symmetrical.

It looks not so bad at all. Especially in black colour. Can live with this design.

Baykko, 12 Jul 2019It is not an ugly phone, its just that it doesn't look anyt... moreI don't see any connection between this pixel and iPhone , Huawei has quite a few phones with a square camera since 2018

  • Anonymous

I find this design to be much prettier than last year's Pixel 3 (and leagues ahead of Pixel 3 XL).

  • Gio

I think the artist should have made the bottom bezel as thick as the top one. Because that's how Google will probably make it

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019In English please?Sarry for my poor Engrish. Had a nice day Sir.

It is not an ugly phone, its just that it doesn't look anything special compared to new phones. The only charm this phone has is that its Google's version of IPhone, but if you are someone like me that doesn't care to have the most original version of the software then there's simply no interest.

RO-me, 11 Jul 2019I love Pixel 3 design! Its compact enough for me (it`s a ph... moreFor me, battery capacity is key. The Pixels always lag behind in terms of capacity.

  • Anonymous

Can't they make it smaller like Meizu?

  • alfran

everybody is following huawei's trend for the camera setup at the back