Samsung Galaxy Note10 and 10+ renders galore, also a pink Watch Active2

13 July 2019
We get a few more angles of the Notes in the already known two color schemes, while this Watch appears to have a silicone strap.

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  • 17 Jul 2019

The Idea of versions in the note series is not going to do well. It should have stayed as before other than releasing one short one tall! A 12gb ram, excellent screen ànd 5G network are the right specs to tell a 2019 galaxy note

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    • teacher
    • yIW
    • 15 Jul 2019

    AnonD-731363, 15 Jul 2019Now time to make buggatti version of Samsung note 10 or Koe... morebugatti & Königsegg

      Samsung should have kept its design language. The back looks like hideous Huawei.

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        • AnonD-731363
        • SH3
        • 15 Jul 2019

        Now time to make buggatti version of Samsung note 10 or Koenissag one :-)

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          • 15 Jul 2019

          vasra, 14 Jul 2019So no more 3.5mm. Thanks Samsung. No more Samsung for me.... moreCheers!
          For those who whant 3.5 jack and don't buy new phones because of that I have one thing to say.
          Boy or girl, dont buy anything, it's not for you. You need to use a brick to make calls and break your head.
          If you wanna use your super expensive headhones with jack, use them in AMP/DAC or a resonable source of music, not in a tiny fucking phone with a tiny DAC wich is made for a tiny little earbuds.
          We have a ton of jack adapters to USBC or BT quality headphones on the market. Move on.

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            • mAL
            • 14 Jul 2019

            This looks so premium and solid. I have to see the camera hole in real life to see if this bothers me. I don't care about the 3.5 mm port because I am looking for high end bluetooth headphones. But yeah: once Samsung, always Samsung because of reliability.

              the A series is already lost samsung design language. now the Note10 too. what i mean is the rear camera position. its iphone X style. its okey the chinnese brand adopt it because they are cheap. no need for research cost. but now a giant company like samsung too.

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                • vasra
                • JA8
                • 14 Jul 2019

                So no more 3.5mm.
                Thanks Samsung.
                No more Samsung for me.
                At least give us 2 x USB-C so that we can charge and listen at the same time and are not bound to one USB-C port breaking and taking down everything.

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                  • Fadli
                  • Kxb
                  • 14 Jul 2019

                  It doesnt have room for proximity sensor, but still has chin..

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                    • I8m
                    • 14 Jul 2019

                    Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019Get a Sony XZP body, add some Huawei-ish Rear cameras, and ... moreThis does not look like xzp

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                      • Anshul
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                      • 14 Jul 2019

                      I doubt maybe it's a marketing strategy of Samsung to keep people confused that rather this device has a headphone jack or not. They wanna be in the headlines till the launch to keep us curious. Maybe the device will suddenly come with jack as well so that everyone will be happy and surprised and sales will skyrocket.

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                        • 14 Jul 2019

                        everything is fine but that HOLE YUCK :(

                          Anonymous, 13 Jul was a good run with the note while it lasted. L... moreMy brotha
                          I'm gonna get that phone too

                            Nah not buying it. Never in a million years.
                            And it so happens to *not* show renders of the bottom of the phone, is Samsung hiding something else? Is this going to be a bamboozle?

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                              • 2Am
                              • 14 Jul 2019

                              there is missing hmmmmm Zeiss or Schneider-Kreuznach or leica ^-^

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                                • AnonD-794992
                                • 0j4
                                • 13 Jul 2019

                                I se some Xperia xz premium and p30 pro vibes. And that is a good thing.there is nothing wrong copying the good things, im curious to see if the tech reviewers are gonna complain how the edges are to sharp like thay complained about the xz premium. It's sad that sammy removed some of the key productivity features from the note line

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                                  • xeo
                                  • IbE
                                  • 13 Jul 2019

                                  Make the Galaxy 11+ exactly like this without spen. So you gain bigger battery + 3.5 mm headphone jack. Instant buy from me.

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                                    • YcH
                                    • 13 Jul 2019

                                    These looks amazing! Has the box like design a note should have while also looking up to date fresh! Going to be a beautiful phone for sure I just hope the cameras stack up nicely next to the other flagships coming!

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                                      • 13 Jul 2019

                                      Get a Sony XZP body, add some Huawei-ish Rear cameras, and Pierce the middle of the screen, there you go, you are looking at Samsung's 10th generation GALAXY NOTE :)

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                                        • AnonD-874772
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                                        • 13 Jul 2019

                                        The rear view of the note 10 looks exactly like the Huawei p30 Pro.