Samsung Galaxy S10 5G gets Night mode with new firmware update

15 July 2019
Night mode and stability fixes for Samsung's first 5G phone.

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  • AnonD-732843

Next years S11 & Note11 cameras will have true innovation since the old recycled S7 series cams have been in the recycling mill for the past 3 years now being passed onto the S8, S9 and even the S10..

4 years of waiting for significant camera upgrades seems to be the norm now and the minimum holding off time for a new device purchase.

I've had night mode and this update for a few weeks already on my 5G.

  • .alpha

5G comes with Night mode. Not good night mode but it is one of the mode in stock camera mode.

  • deepak

i have nt received any update neither june patch nor night mode..Thanks

  • Anonymous

This "ultra night mode" race only to challenge Huawei is useless. I have S10 Plus and I do not use the new night mode because night becomes day. The black sky of night becomes grey or purple like in the sunset. And details are worse than in the classic normal mode because of the lower shutter speed. S10 Plus with its f/1.5 makes superb night pictures without night mode.

Welcome to the 20th century :-D

can you please provide me the steps to do this update becuase still i have't get any update.
i Love this feature and i want to on my S10.