LG Harmony 3 leaks with tall screen and Google Assistant button

16 July 2019
The phone was leaked on Twitter and will once again be for the Cricket network.

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Can you imagine LG releasing a phone with Harmony OS? lol

Other than the name this phone looks nothing special.

    Desktop looks tidy but why harmony? Isn't it the new OS HongMeng aslo use the same naming?

      indlvarn, 16 Jul 2019LG is a HTC from 2-3 years ago. It will be forgotten soon.Mate u are drunk....

      Lg is still alive....latest they released W series

      Htc is still alive i bet

        LG is a HTC from 2-3 years ago. It will be forgotten soon.

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          • 16 Jul 2019

          why LG, why?! i used to have LG phones, until my actual phone (LG G6 wich i will be selling by next month cause they only bring me problems) and go for other brand, i never came back again LG.

          Low-end and mid-end phones from another brands are better than yours, even sammy low end now is looking good, xiaomi low end is even better bang for the buck.

          Stop doing low ends, start making only high grade phones, inovate a little, bring back features (IR blaster, wireless charging, HiFi DAC) in all high end without market specific and people will start buying your phones again. i can guarantee that.

          i will move on to a Mi9 cause have everything that i want and need so...goodbye LG, my last from the last 6 phones i buy year over year from you.