Influencers hired to promote Galaxy Fold now start a Galaxy S10-focused campaign

16 July 2019
Millie Bobby Brown, Steve Aoki,Ninja andLil Miquela were supposed to promote the Galaxy Fold, but Samsung is yet to set a launch date for it.

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please stop that.... you literally spread cancer....

  • Anonymous

Children's are walking advertisements for there papa.

  • a Mate 10 user

And this is why samsung flagships are so overpriced - customers have to cover millions and millions spent on such advertising.

Guys remember why Samsung and other mainstream smartphones has higher release prices? Yes, this is one of the main reason.

Broooo, Samsung really hired an AI influencer.... O_o

  • Anonymous

a simple dude, 17 Jul 2019I’m pretty sure that Millie Bobby Brown use an iPhone...I have just checked Millie's Twitter, her post since January 2018 is tweeted from an Android.
So can confirm she is a really avid Android user.
But some of us do use two phones, especially Android and iOS.
So no problem for her to use both iPhone and Android. She is rich BTW.

Again an advertisement aimed at kids, they're the only customers who buy stuff because their social media idols use it. Adults do their own research on what product is best for them.

Everytime I see a campaign like this I cringe a bit because it just adds to the price of the phone since advertisement isn't free.

Pfft as if a 15 year old can influence me

  • Anonymous

Tjat's wjere your money goes.

Yup... Hire a bunch of diehard apple users to promote your brand. You know these people after the commercial will go back and just use their iPhone

I like samsung devices, I have used them since S3, but, "influencers" (as dumb shallow people call them) make samsung look utterly banal and crapple-like

  • Al

NipponFan, 17 Jul 2019Cringe Big time.


Wow these peeps make me want to throw my Samsung against the wall.

I’m pretty sure that Millie Bobby Brown use an iPhone...

  • KA

Anyone notice Steve Aoki holding a Galaxy Fold? Why are they promoting something that has not being launch yet?