Nokia 2.2 arrives in the US with Android One and dedicated Assistant key for $139

17 July 2019
Android One ensures frequent updates and a lean and optimized UI.

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What makes me laugh is my sister has bought one the 2gb variant, I had to set it all up for her and it's terrible, it's full of lag so examples I have encountered when entering pin to unlock phone then going to slide menu up the icons are blurry and take a second to clear never ever experienced that on a phone, social media app's such as Facebook lag really bad, also last thing I have noticed is a lag in camera when moving camera it stutters and a second delay in taking photo.

Whilst I do welcome the return of being able to replace back panels and swap battery out that I think is a good thing, and the handset is very light and looks ok that is all I can really say about it.

I have a Meizu C9 here to compare with 2gb and a Unisoc SC9832E and it pee's all over this thing.

asiandoestech, 17 Jul 2019Mediatek are decent, can't understand the hate... The main issue... moreYep totally agree

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Way too much expensive. I was waiting for the phone arrival hoping that the price will be on par with Redmi 7A. My waiting was useless.

Another 720 screen in 2019

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019Please don't buy any phone powered by MediaTek. You will regret ... moreMediatek are decent, can't understand the hate... The main issue is lack of updates but the 2.2 is part of the Android One program.

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Bruh the price is to much! Better go realme or redmi phone.

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Please don't buy any phone powered by MediaTek. You will regret after few months. If you like Nokia go for Nokia 4.2 with Snapdragon processor.

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RN7 now 138$ 3/32

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ProJames-CHM, 17 Jul 2019"2D face unlock"... AKA "Totally unsafe security lock and it sh... moreUnsafe? Yes,

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Wow, 3 years of security updates and 2 years of OS upgrades? Pretty darn good if you compare it to the likes of LG and Motorola. Now, the phone itself? Nothing special, it's only $139. If you want to bash this because your chinese phone that's the same price has better specs, don't bother. Phone brands like Xiaomi and Oppo are non-existent in the US market, and cellular connectivity/importing for these phones can be a big headache for people too. Besides, this phone should run basic to moderate tasks just fine. All in all, wasn't really expecting Nokia to release this phone in the US, but a welcome addition nonetheless to the somewhat stale low-end budget smartphone market in America.

$140 lol what a joke

Sounds good as a backup phone, or as a "dumbphone".
Sure it doesn't have the best camera, best screen, best performance... but outside those three elements, it looks like can do everything a regular smartphone can.

When you disregard buying phones over the internet like eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, dhGate, GearBest, Geekbuying, Banggood, Zapals, LightintheBox, etc etc.... where you can get many Chinese phones mailed to you, the Nokia 2.2 seems like good value at $139.

"2D face unlock"...
AKA "Totally unsafe security lock and it should be criminal to even offer this"

This nonsense was removed from AOSP ages ago because it was the definition of unsafe. And it is coming back, more dangerous than ever because some actually believe this is safe.