Top 10 trending phones of week 29

22 July 2019
Only two makers have phones in the top 10 following this weeks' announcements.

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New record, only 1 phone from list has lcd panel. At last we can see slowly lcd are disappearing from popular models, about time

  • User

good components phones are costly. bad components phones are less price only. ( china is the king of duplicate products. 6 months guarantee). think and buy branded latest phone.

Wow, A50 got taken out for this week.

  • Anonymous

Tejas, 22 Jul 2019A3 does not suit no 1 positiontrending doesn't mean it's a great phone, it's just trending - what's so bad about that?!

  • Anonymous

Tejas, 22 Jul 2019A3 does not suit no 1 positionIt's trending chart. This doesn't imply it's the best device. Or the worst for that matter.

  • kek

I am pretty sure MI A3 rose due to the interest it generated, but I highly doubt it is going to be on the top for a long time. It has received mixed feedback due to it being more a downgrade than an upgrade

Mi A3 wtf

  • Tejas

A3 does not suit no 1 position

Just Xiaomi and samsung ???? What about other brand????

  • Denver

Best midranges redmi note 7 galaxy a50 & galaxy a70 dbest