Interview: OnePlus' Zake Zhang discusses the OnePlus 7 Pro camera

21 July 2019
Also, a look at the OnePlus camera lab and the equipment they use to do camera testing.

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Anonymous, 31 Jul 2019to be fair, is not that behind either. they still better t... moreSamsung is bad at low light? I am pretty sure you have not come across the dedicated night mode came with the May month's update(S10 series+Note 9) and is It is on par with pixel 3's night sight --.Samsung crashes the Oneplus 7 Pro right there.
*It got tuned up further in the July update.

  • Anonymous

SadSoul, 22 Jul 2019Inspite of having several camera centric updates OnePlus 7/... moreto be fair, is not that behind either.
they still better than iphone and only behind top samsung, huawei, very close pixel 3. samsung is bad at low light

I like the way they are going forward in the camera, and I hope everything will be better with more time. Only waiting for changing to the 7 Pro, or if it’s too late to the 7T or the name they choose.

  • Anonymous

This not including HDR video, dci, 48mp etc, is just to look good, it's not PRO. It doesn't matter if a third party phone stuffs up a regulation image that is their unprofessionalism, not the phone doing it right. They could at least do HLG based HDR.

A good compromise is to have "Standard", "Professional Safe", and "Professional Ultra" camera modes. Professional Ultra is where you place all the things which may not work on other phones properly, but pro people can use it to maximum effect. Real Pro people shouldn't care what it looks like on other phones, and reprocess it if needed. Its like the flat log footage on LG phone, looks terrible, but its meant to he something a professional is mes t to process into a finale image, not the finale image itself.

If they want to be real professional they should have top modes at least 12 bits 4:2:2,150-300 mb/s h264 (h265 half that) at 4k (quarter that data for fullhd), or stop calling it Pro. 8k hybrid Light 4k mode would be good too (8k in normal light, auto switching to 4k in low light in parts of the image which needs it, then maybe fullhd in even lower light "8k Hybrid Light 4k/2k" mode).

Inspite of having several camera centric updates OnePlus 7/7 Pro cams are average at best and not on par with other top of the line flasgships. This is nothing new, has always been this case with every OnePlus.


  • Anonymous

Oneplus 7 pro maybe good, but with that insane price you're going down faster..

delolia, 22 Jul 2019I am happy of the oneplus 7pro camera since the 1-2 updates... moreGood to hear about that. Few samples i saw lately from new updates looks very good actually.

Your Camera is Thrash...! midrange level photography on flagship phone..!

  • delolia

I am happy of the oneplus 7pro camera since the 1-2 updates they made for it. Now the results are good and night shot are far better than the one from my iPhone XS Max.

If they continue to enhance the telephoto and wide angle to align it with the main one, it will be very good.

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aks.x, 22 Jul 2019If only they could divert some cheese from their insane mar... moreI know right. I was very impressed by OnePlus in the early days when it relied on minimal advertisement and word of mouth of the company .
However ,now they have become the very thing they sought to destroy - advertisements with well known actors and ever increasing prices every single year .
While their products are still good for the price ,they are no longer the brand the tech community adored.

aks.x, 22 Jul 2019If only they could divert some cheese from their insane mar... moreNah! Why bother investing in your camera department when you can instead just pay Dxomark for a fake high rating. Much simpler that way. :p

If only they could divert some cheese from their insane marketing budget (RDJ, Cricket World Cup 2019, etc.) to camera team's expansion/capability. I miss the OnePlus from earlier days when the prices were low because of limited marketing.

Nice article keep these types of articles they give insight on testing proceedure

  • Bunny

Yes, without a doubt, the camera is the absolutely most important component of a phone at this point. This is pretty much the thing that makes a phone flagship material or something weaker. Had the OP7 Pro had an outstanding camera, it would've made it 150% the best phone of the year.

  • Steve Jobs

You should have told this guys after all this test still one plus camera is just average nothing much.

Damn even with 80 ppl working on the camera we are still getting pretty decent results, GJ 👏👏

Amazing interview, this type of content is refreshing.

  • Member3377

Every review told me that oneplus7 pro camera quality is below another flagship phone from other brand.. (example: s10(not plus), p30(not pro),)
So... Speaking is easy..

  • Anonymous

GSMA could do this kind of article for other too.

  • Trident

OnePlus will always have mediocre camera, even in the year 3019.