ZTE lists Axon 10 Pro 5G for registrations, launch scheduled for August 5

23 July 2019
The phone will cost CNY4,999 ($726/€650), which is way cheaper than the €899 price tag in Europe.

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  • Dometalican

Price tag-wise, it blows other 5G phones out of the water. My concern is that they didn't increase the battery size for 5G despite keeping the micro SD card slot.

The 4G version isn't a bad phone in the slightest. It has good RAM/Hard drive combo, stereo speakers, IP68, microSD slot, wireless charging, QuickCharge 4, triple cameras, and decent-enough battery for a 1080p AMOLED display. It's only hindered by lacking some LTE bands and headphone jack but the prices do make this phone enticing.

  • Dude

Notch right now is instant pass. Move on!