Stable EMUI 9.1 hits 10 Huawei and Honor smartphones

23 July 2019
The new UI version brings GPU Turbo 3.0 and plenty of bug fixes.

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  • Anonymous

Just got it in Canada on a P20 connected through Kodo.

  • Tomaber

I just received update P20 Pro, Vodafone, Scotland

  • Anonymous

When will honor 8x jsn L22 will be updated to EMUI 9.1?

  • Tomaber

Hi Anyone in UK received update? My P20 pro still quite

I'm glad to say that I finally received my Pie update on my Huawei P Smart 2018. now let's see if we get Q. It will be 2 years old by the time Q starts rolling out but if Huawei does provide it, it would speak very well about their support, something really important if they want to overtake Samsung.

Has it actually changed at all? No not really.

Terrible to theme
Can't unlock the bootloader no more
5GB operating system vs 1GB or less for AOSP
Ridiculous regions, it is crazy how many variants of one phone they have created
The worst update cycle you will ever, ever see.

My phone is from EE p20 pro my wifes phone is from EE p20 pro, hers was on 255 mines was on 190, neither said they had updates.

Forced 311 service rom onto mine, why should that be necessary?

Awful company, never going to buy a phone from them again.

  • Anonymous

No Honor 8x JSN L22?

  • Simo

dawi, 24 Jul 2019Thank you Huawei i love my mate 10 pro Which region?

One question @Huawei.


Update cycle for Huawei and Honor are the absolute worst.

There are several variants per region and then carrier specific variants on top.

No order to anything besides china getting things first.

Had 1 Huawei device, it's a horrific platform with a lot to like, but oh so much to hate.

Never ever again.

  • honor 10

Did anyone get an update for honor 10?

  • Anonymous

Updated my honor play yesterday.

  • Anonymous

Anyone in the UK got the update?

  • shaggy

updated yesterday morning my p20 pro.. Sri lanka

MarkusLeto, 23 Jul 2019Update notice in my P20 pro in the Philippines. It's a mass... moreThe 4GB update is worthy especially if you're a gamer, the connectivity get's better and the battery back up longer.

AnonD-794992, 23 Jul 2019The update is avalable in the hicare app, but when i go to ... moreI experienced that before and was advised to wait a little longer by the Huawei customer service. It paid off after I got the 9.1 just last week.
A notification will be sent to you, just check on the settings and not on HiCare.

  • NKH

Y9 2018 get EMUI 9.1 updated about a month ago here in Cambodia. How come?

Thank you Huawei i love my mate 10 pro

  • AnonD-794992

Fredo, 23 Jul 2019Please use hi care app to update The update is avalable in the hicare app, but when i go to the settings it says that the latest version is 9.0.
Any help pleace?
I've tried with different regions but no luck

  • Fredo

AnonD-794992, 23 Jul 2019And still no emui 9.1 update in Germany for the mate 20Please use hi care app to update

  • Anonymous

Just updated my wife’s huawei P20 Lite to EMUI 9.1 from Dominican Republic