Huawei Mate 30 Pro reportedly caught in the wild

23 July 2019
The phone has a notch and a curved display.

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  • Jeewaka

Baykko, 27 Jul 2019I would definitely fine this guy, not because he is using t... moreSince they were testing ith they could be comparing it with iphone and other brands

  • Stieren Diana

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019That if Huawei going to use Android Lol.i will be pleased if huawei could make a 80.0 db volume speaker and a 96.6 db audio quality for the upcoming huawei mate 30 and 30 pro.

I would definitely fine this guy, not because he is using the phone in public which may have been intended, but because he is using Apple products while leaking the device. How is this any better than those guys sending a tweet using Huawei's public account from an IPhone? What kind of message does it send to the public that this idiot has 4 Huawei flagships yet he prefers to use an IPhone?

this might sound mean but the guy deserves to lose his job.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019Huawei is out to completely annihilate pathetic Samsung pho... moreThat if Huawei going to use Android Lol.

  • Toz

OK everyone chill your boots. He has a windows laptop. It just has a Apple sticker on it.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Samsung has long past it's prime, Huawei is the the God of Android now.

This guy stuck an Apple logo on his Windows laptop.

  • Noel

Despite all the hoopla going on with Huawei and the US Gov't...i hope Huawei will include Tmobile LTE bands 4, 12, 66 and 71 or just include all global bands like OnePlus and Sammy's top devices. The Mate 30 has to be in the mix when it comes to top choices of devices here in the states, Note 10, 10+, Pixel 4, 4XL, etc

  • Rob

How about the empolyees they are all using iphones...

All those "phone caught in the wild" are some staged pictures... Since when people take random pictures of a phone that they don't even know yet ? Like who even takes pictures of another person's phone?

  • Anonymous

A Huawei employees using an iPhone and iMac devices for their work how ironic. Lol

  • Handy

Hope it will have the periscope lens from the P30 pro

  • V.13

This poor guy will be fired for using Apple products...:)))

  • Sam

The IR blaster... or the Audio Jack! in the vanilla Mate 30 like in the Mate 20 that has it exactly in that place. Hope that is the jack, that could mean that it'll retain the FM radio and we will still have a flagship with that features in hardware together with good cameras, etc.

  • fabergasted

why does he have 5 phones a laptop all on a train/ like what happens when he has to get off he just grabs the dongles and pulls them around like animals in the wild

It's always interesting to see what's gonna come in Huaweis phones

  • Anonymous

Huawei is out to completely annihilate pathetic Samsung phones and reduce Samsung to dust.

Huawei is out for blood, relentless innovation form Huawei, will definitely get one of these mate series next year, can wait to throw my J7 max into dustbin

Huawei rulezzz!!!

there is 2 prototype mate30 what is other 2 phones??
and yes he uses an iphone with home button and macbook

Is that an Iphone he is holding...??😅

Shade, 23 Jul 2019This poor guy will be fired for using unannounced phones in... moreProbably not. At this point, leaks are intentional