Apple inches closer to acquiring Intel's smartphone modem business, report claims

23 July 2019
The deal could happen as early as next week.

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q8peace, 24 Jul 2019stupid no one beat Qualcomm at there best product modem and soc ... morehahahaahah u don't know who is intel and what is intel. (THE WHOLE WORLD CONTROLLER). others yesterday's borned in the rain.

  • Love the Community

SA-Saffer, 24 Jul 2019Nope, Intel sales says you are lying lolI don't care about sales. I care about nanometers and benchmark results. I hope Ryzen 4th Gen (next year) will be able to surpass on apps that has Intel Compilers (intentionally meant to cripple AMD processors) against Intel when it comes to benchmarks.

  • Anonymous

Apple gets so much cred for being "innovative", but more than anything they spend their cash-reserves on buying existing technology that has been developed for a decade or more.

Love the Community, 24 Jul 2019Let Apply buy the smartphone modem business from Intel. Intel &a... moreNope, Intel sales says you are lying lol

  • Anonymous

Dump 5G and focus more on 6G instead.

  • Love the Community

Let Apply buy the smartphone modem business from Intel. Intel & GlobalFoundries needed more funds for 10nm or 7nm.

AMD totally murdered Intel with the release of 7nm 3rd Gen Ryzen so Intel should really do something to keep them afloat altogether.

next year:
Apple: "we developed and created best 5G modem on the market!"

Hope they are readyto pay royalties as well.

  • q8peace

stupid no one beat Qualcomm at there best product modem and soc - Intel missing the boat which is not belong to them actually from the begging its good for intel finally get rid of it and it bad for apple as they wont be able to have a competitive modem that rival Qualcomm one

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Intel and Qualcomm are the best IT technology manufactures in the world. best wishes

  • six_tymes

smart move on apples part. Intel's 5G modem tested many times to be the most stable ever produced. Intel in fact spent years developing it, and spent so much money on r&d I doubt intel will even make much profit on the business, if any.

  • Carol

Wow, intel, you got to get your head up.... say NOPE.

  • Anonymous

no apple for me.
huawei is enough.

  • Anonymous

We are right approaching the dawn of Quantum Internet and Apple cant even make 4G internet chips

"If you can't beat them, join them"

  • techguy