Apple's three iPhone 11 models hold on to the Lightning port, get upgraded Taptic Engine

23 July 2019
The successors to the iPhone XS and XS Max will have a third, ultra wide-angle camera on the back.

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I think I need popcorn.

Apple is really stubborn with their proprietary lightning port, even after all proven benefits of USB-C. And you wonder "Why?"

- answer is simple... to make money.

Why do you think they have non removable battery from the very beginning? Why did they never had SD slot? Why is there no Dual SIM? Why did they remove the headphone jack? Why do they trottle your CPU with updates? Why do their batteries deteriorate faster?

- To make you spend more.

They at least used to have awesome design, and were once leaders in innovation, but with Steve Jobs gone, they went downhill.
Their beautiful design was ruined first by ugly notch, and then with camera bump, and now camera square bump at the corner... they pretty much sell the same phone over and over again for outrageously high price. I really see no point in buying an iPhone anymore...

Rishi Choudhury, 25 Jul 2019Apple is losing the race with Android..Chinese brands and o... moreI totally agree with this statement.

Everything from lacking hardware to high prices and now ugly design aswell...

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SSA, 24 Jul 2019It's time we raid Apple's R&D department after Area 51. !!!!That'd be empty...

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Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019Simply having iOS is it's biggest strength, iOS is greatest... moreyou only need painkillers when you have ios....

Apple is losing the race with Android..Chinese brands and other leading brands are offering better products with lower price points..Cannot understand..why Apple is continuing outdated designs..What happened to this company..Missing Steve..

Apple slowly catching up, still a year or so behind though, think their 2021 phone will be something awesome!

apple: lightning is the technology from the future
usb-c: whatever

they are using our city name, Cebu City, Philippines

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Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019A big deal for them... cuz they will introduce super featur... morelol

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Wow so many haters obsessed with Apple's well being. thanks guys keep commenting

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The fact that Apple won’t put a bigger battery in their phones which makes them impractical makes this an immediate don’t even bother looking let alone consider buying. Android flagships still have far better battery life. However, keeping the pointless lightning port, breaks the camels back. Until Apple move to USB C I ain’t co-signing none of that BS. There’s no reason other than money for Apple to keep such a regressive and useless port. USB C is here and it rocks.

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Removal of SD card and Headphone Jack is another big reason I'm sticking to my Note 9. I have galaxy buds but I also use the 3.5mm jack for filming and Microphone purposes.

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After Area 51, we'll storm Apple's R&D department and we'll have notable TechTubers like MrWhoseTheBoss and Marques Brownlee to design the new iPhone with a headphone jack as main priority. Sure it can be a betrayal of what Apple established but it's for everyone's own good.

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Dude, 24 Jul 2019Wooow..taptic engine..I'll love it.. Does any care about... moreYes. Taptic engine's feedback is crisp and instant compared to sluggish rotary motors which usually have a delay. I used a friend's OnePlus for 5 minutes and using it felt so... cheap I guess. (can't find a better word right now)

Taptic engine is another reason why I went for a MacBook Pro instead of a Windows laptop, even though I've been using Windows PCs/laptops exclusively since I got my first PC. This is my first Mac and the trackpad feedback and usage feels just amazing. Having a trackpad with no moving parts meas no dust or other cr/\p will get beneath it and cause problems. Not to mention it just feels right to have the same instant and crisp feedback everywhere you click.

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I find it hilarious how people get so and wound up over no SD card, head phone jack or usb-c.
face it! the headphone jack is never coming back, get over it, they'll never do SD cards, cause guess what? they cant charge you more for wanting more storage in your phone. the usb-c I can understand, but whats the point when the battery in the phone is S**T?

someone could make the perfect phone with SD card slot, good battery, headphone jack, and usb-c. but those idiots will still complain. by the way that phone exists already its called a S10!

these companies know you want that stuff, so theyre going to overcharge for it. supply and demand. simple

have a good day everyone.

also down for storming apples R&D department to

they said it was courageous to remove headphone jack. no it's stupid to remove headphone jack and idiot for keeping lightning

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AnonD-794217, 24 Jul 2019Huawei and Asus are smaller company? How long have you been... moreThey are

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Al-Aqsa Lover, 24 Jul 2019F*** U Apple and your lighting port. Go to angry person!

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Bigger battery and USB-C are changes that everyone need in iPhone