vivo NEX 3 screen glass panel leaks, shows another take at fullscreen phone

25 July 2019
The glass panel is curved from the sides and the curves are around 90 degrees.

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  • Anonymous

It has a rather large chin - so ye, why not get an even bezel around the front screen and make it flat like most people want it instead of keeping an edged screen like most people don't like on any edged phone so far...

GAMIRSFM, 25 Jul 2019This is WAY too curvy, i will keep with the Sammy edges. Th... moreYeah, this probably has a lot of durability issues, which is why Samsung lets a Chinese niche brand use the screens. :)

  • Jojo

Make it thin water proof and shatterproof with in screen camera no notch or pop up and SD730 for $400 and I am in.

  • AnonD-794992

For those who haven't checked their eyes.
The bottom glass us just a reflection,so stop with comments like if drops it's over or its very fragile :D

For a moment I thought the glass wraps all the way to the back but it was just a reflection

  • Anonymous

And the final product should have both pieces welded without a metal frame, so a small drop will break everything. How else are they going to money?

This is WAY too curvy, i will keep with the Sammy edges. This is too much.

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019People want glass cause it looks premium. No need for jack... moreLol at this guy. Having complete ports will mean good sales because the people who held on for a jam packed flagship will finally come and buy it; Complete as in including SD Card slot and headphone jack.

  • Zah

Good concept

  • Anonymous

Anders, 25 Jul 2019Hopefully it will have a headphone jack, micro SD, and NFCPeople want glass cause it looks premium.
No need for jack, micro sd, NFC and stuff.
Only glass. If it's not glass but has jack, micro sd, NFC they will have poor sales.
Strange days we're living ...

  • Anonymous

Touch it and you'll breake it.
Breaking the phome, breaking the phone - it will be a nice cover of Judas Priest -Breaking the law. ::)))))

  • XTR

Looks pretty and all. But don't go crying when you drop it.

RIP durability

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Why you love stock android?

  • Jesus this will get that Samsung edge to another level...with top and bottom blurry image too
I mean grown people don't want this over 2-3mm bigger phone to have some bezels

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Not everything needs to be stock android, enough already
If you want stock, there are a lot of phones with it

  • Anonymous

Please change the os. Even color os is better than vivo os. However, best os is asus or oneplus because it's stock android but with added useful features not available in vanilla android

Hopefully it will have a headphone jack, micro SD, and NFC

  • Dude

Looks a template for others to copy and most likely improve, as the Nex line is overpriced and has sub par software.