Here are all the Samsung Galaxy Fold design changes

25 July 2019
See the old and new design compared side by side.

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  • Anonymous

Galaxy Fold has terrible design philosophy and inefficiency. Two separate screens. One inside with weird notch. Three separate camera locations. Gap when folded.

Compare to Mate X, which even reduces camera locations from normal smartphones. One camera location. One screen. Multiple configurations. Genius.

Guess which one has better chance of price reduction in future.

Duck of death, 29 Jul 2019The day we produce indestructible, foldable and transparent... moreSom its galaxy fold until is not released and properly tested its only your words and opinion but when the phone gets released you will be highly surprised.
Compared to Samsung Mate X i really believe ts a game changer device and as i know and trust Huawei they will do everything in their possibilities to make the phone that way.

blastertoad, 29 Jul 2019It is easy to make an argument on price point, however I wo... moreMan i would not.
I would ratherr see companies like Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and many others chinese innovate because they sells for prices which everybody can afford.
In case of apple they just copy paste and no innovation and all and price point of 800 for a so called budget devuice and more than 1500 for a top flagship with most ram and disk space.
And made in china. No thanks.

CptPower, 29 Jul 2019Man wake up. Compared to Galaxy Fold the Mate X is 20-30 ... moreThe day we produce indestructible, foldable and transparent materials you'd be right. Unfortunately Huawei is selling a DOA device that's likely to break of become useless after one day of regular use, this year. Not in the future when the materials exists.
Mark my words. The Mate X will never be available on the general market. It's a prototype with an incurable design failure.

CptPower, 29 Jul 2019At least chinese companies wont rob its customers unlike So... moreIt is easy to make an argument on price point, however I would rather give my money to those pushing the boundaries and inventing new items and services. They may not be the best iteration of the idea, and they wont be the most cost effective. However buying into groups like Samsung or Sony push tech forward, and it is essentially voting for what direct to steer the industry. Large format phones, greater productivity software, better cameras, and now folding devices. Early adopters are needed, and high revenue manufactures like Samsung are necessary to dump funds into R&D that small brands can't or wont do. Without these customers and businesses and big dollar values we would be looking at a very stagnant marketplace.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Bash all you want, hate all you want because at the end of ... moreFood chain???
You will be first i see eating apple phone.
And they cant be top.
Samsung is 1 for a very long time and huawei second soon first.
Even xiaomi will outbeat apple in sales and profit.
When comes to innovations and profit without people like Johny Ive or John Sculley apple is still a tiny company sitting in small garage selling macs.

gam30toronto, 26 Jul 2019those jokes been done 1 million times since 2015But they will be popular even 50 years ago where there wiwll be no more apple or Samsung because WW3 or the Nuclear WW will crumbles everything into dust.

Duck of death, 26 Jul 2019Look at MKHB's YouTube review of the first outside-folding ... moreMan wake up.
Compared to Galaxy Fold the Mate X is 20-30 years ahead of Samsung.
Fold looks exactly like Nokia 9300 cominicator back from 2000 era.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Mate X is worse than Fold version 1.Haha no chance.
Mate X looks like 10-20 years ahead of Samsung,
Samsung fold looks like Nokia 9300 comunicator from 2000 era.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Ok then can Samsung add 3.5mm jack and microsd slot as stan... moreMan noone will give you those ancient technologies of the past which are burden now useless and obsolette.

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019If it was a Huawei people would be saying how awesome it lo... moreAt least chinese companies wont rob its customers unlike Sony, Samsung, Apple which are made in china but sold like with 500% tax and VAT.

Kevin T, 25 Jul 2019I see many Apple Fan boys wanting Galaxy Fold to fail How ... moreMan even without those people the phone will fail anyway.
Mark my words.
It will not take more than a week.

Kevin T, 25 Jul 2019Excellent from Samsung to rectify their mistakes I hope th... moreHope people Keep their scepticism away & Praise Samsung for their efforts

I will praise when this device will work more than just few hours or days like a last time before went back to full repairs.

GAMIRSFM, 25 Jul 2019ib4 people start complaining that the Fold will flop again.Exactly.
I dont want or need to be rude but it will fail again soon or later ordinary people cant use it as machines which making and testing it that just not possible. .

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AnonD-794992, 27 Jul 2019Android user:my phone has wide angle, telefoto, tof, super ... morefor easily win the argument , bring up the iphone

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Bash all you want, hate all you want because at the end of ... moreYes, it is a clear Top 3, just behind Huawei and Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Bash all you want, hate all you want because at the end of ... moreSamsung is currently at the top and have been for quite a while if you look at the figures

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Bash all you want, hate all you want because at the end of ... moreI dont know where are you from but in Germany nutela, milka, lays, becks are the most popular products in the food industry, but there are not the best because of rhe hughest quality but because of the commercials. The most selled product dosent mean that is the best. Same with the technology market.

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2019Android user : look, our phone got future spec ! We 5 years... moreAndroid user:my phone has wide angle, telefoto, tof, super macro, night mode and pro mode camera, 4000mah battery,
Iphone user:my phone doesn't have those features, the performance is reduced because the 1960 mah battery us losing the capacity, i have only one main camera but at least im still receiving updates. By the way, what is that pro mode and night mode? :D
Just stop it dude. There is always a contra argument :)

  • AnonD-784107

What ever you like you have to admire the design aspect. I like iphones and love my Galaxy S10. But the true fact is if all had the same phone and liked the same things life would be boring.