Weekly poll: Asus ROG Phone II - hot or not?

28 July 2019
A phone with plenty of specs to impress, including the first device with Snapdragon 855+.

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  • Mr. T

Kangal, 28 Jul 2019It's almost the "perfect" phone, with some gaping issues: ... moreBruh? it's 2019 and you're still looking for a removable battery for a flagship phone. get out!

Not hot, but certainly interesting.
I am really looking forward to detailed review for dock vs. DeX, camera, video recording, audio recording etc.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 28 Jul 20191) The Flagship/Luxury phones of the LG V20 and the Samsung... moreLg v20, like really? That thing is almost 3 years old... Get something from at least 2018 in case you want to make a rational argument
Again, gaming phone in pool? Are you gonna play Pokemon go underwater to catch magicarp? The target audience won't really care if it's water proof or not. You certainly are not the part of target audience( along with almost any phone in past 2 years or so). One plus still is not ip certified, no matter what marketing says. Any phone can survive a dunk or two, as long as you put it in rice afterwards

  • AnonD-706668

A phone must be consider Hot...If the camera of the those smart phones are good specially in low light condition at high ISO..if not, then throw those phones into trash can..because hi fi processor, big ram, high graphics are useless until the performance camera of those smart phones are good specially lowlight condition...

  • Anonymous

It's HOT alright!

  • AnonD-794992

[deleted post]And what material should be used for gaming phones?
Damascus steel?
Even if its maded from kryptonite its gonna be enough for ungrateful peopole like you.
Get out and stop trolling

  • Eddie

Well I would say cool :D
(It has cooling fan)

  • User1234

If this comes with android one and a little ROG tweaks would be amazing.

Heavy customized android is just not my cup of tea

Price too hot to touch though that Tencent version/price is really good

Probably the HOTTEST phone launch of 2019...

Love the Community, 28 Jul 20191. Dude, who cares? No flagship has done a Removable Batter... more1) The Flagship/Luxury phones of the LG V20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4-Exynos beg to differ with you. A removable battery is super useful. You can practically turn a 2-day battery life phone into a 1-week battery life phone. You don't need to fumble with Wireless Charging or even Fast Charging, just swap, and it's done. Just because you personally do not like practical features, and you want a bad phone, doesn't mean the rest of us who care should suffer.
1B) Adding IP67, IP68, or IP69K does NOT mean losing the "gaming" portion. In fact, look at the OnePlus 7 Pro which is just as good as the Nubia RedMagic 3 when it comes to throttling and the OnePlus has some uncertified waterproofing (around IP67 level). So there's literally no excuse. Even if there was some thermal loss, its worth the trade-off to get proper protection from moisture: the second biggest killer of phones.

2) The point was the 6,000mAh is overkill if it makes the experience worse with the heft. Reduce it back down to 5,000mAh and enjoy a 180 gram phone instead. Still "heavy" but much more mobile.

4) I wouldn't mind the asking price if they released the device in March like Samsung. Or if they fixed the issues I have with it, and also included inside the box these two accessories: the TV-Dock and the GamePad. Currently, it's a bitter pill to swallow, what looks to be a USD $999 all the way in November, where its too close to the next year phones that come with better chipsets/cameras. Plus it will have competition from the likes of the Note10, Pixel 4XL, iPhone XII.

  • Anonymous

It is hot, but with the price I can't afford it.. Gonna go for zenfone 6..

It is simply the best phone at the moment Period
most powerful phone ever made

  • Love the Community

Kangal, 28 Jul 2019It's almost the "perfect" phone, with some gaping issues: ... more1. Dude, who cares? No flagship has done a Removable Battery and gaming phones need some airflow. If you want iP68, look for non-gaming phones. But really, who goes to a pool or beach to game. This is more likely for inside building use like home or office.
2. 6000mah battery makes it heavy so it's all good.
3. Agreed considering the first RoG Phone has yet to be updated consistently. With them making ZenUI 6 almost stock like, it can be possible.
4. Well, ROG is a Premium Gaming sub-brand of Asus. It's always expensive.

Performance - yup
Gaming design - yup
Big battery + fastcharge - yup
Accessories - yup
Front firing speaker - yup
Headphone jack - yup
Stunning display - yup
Lots of cooling - yup

Plus with own Asus ROG ecosystem & bunch of own accessories, its the true definition of a gaming smartphone. Yes, ROG 2 is a hot stuff.

  • Anonymous

gaming phones are definitely hot but I'd rather have a good balanced phone with great cameras ex. P30 Pro, Galaxy S10+, Xperia 1

  • Anonymous

Asus ROG Phone II - hot or not?
answer: yes, its HOT especially when you gaming!

I don't like gaming on phones or gaming phones in general , but I guess it's a great device for those who like that kind of stuff.

It's almost the "perfect" phone, with some gaping issues:

- No Removable Battery and/or IP68 waterproof
- too heavy, thick, large, including the controller-case
- Locked Bootloader and Poor software support, hopefully this changes for consumers
- limited availability and too expensive (US $999), hoping for a cheaper widespread launch

PS: A "gaming" phone should also include a microSD slot to store all your content.

Definitely hot. It's perfect phone. with everything anyone'd need! the MSD is a little downside. but WHO THE [Redacted] CARES!? IT'S PERFECT! Aah~!