Weekly poll: Asus ROG Phone II - hot or not?

28 July 2019
A phone with plenty of specs to impress, including the first device with Snapdragon 855+.

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Definitely hot! Though the price is repulsive to me, I totally against spending over 600 USD for a phone.

  • Dishonored

I never honnestly call a "phone" liké a true gaming device

...but what Asus dis IS just ... respect just compar what they gave u (accessoir headphone and second USB C charge port so the other one with wont bother you while gaming and more )

Other phone should at least do the second USB C port and thé "kunaï"

HOT, definitely hot. Can image how much heat it will be producing after a long hours of gaming :P


  • AnonD-794992

Hah, i was going to comment flaming hot exactly :D