HTC Endeavor gets a funky new name, meet the One X

15 February, 2012
HTC's quad-core smartphone, said to debut at MWC, undergoes yet another name change, now it's the One X.

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  • Anonymous

Antiguan, 16 Feb 2012Is this News? I want an HTC phone again. but this time....waterp... moreWhy dont you just buy the Motorola Razr?? Its quick, goog looking, sleek and can handle more than an ordinary phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2012Why does it have 4 capacitive buttons??Why not??

  • Joe

One-X is already an album name by Three Days Grace. HTC should just stick with feelings for names.

  • Anonymous

Why does it have 4 capacitive buttons??

  • Anonymous

i think every manufacturer using android should start using intel atom processors as compared to arm architecture processor,beacause these arm processors have lag and they are less is dominant in desktop and laptop world.even intel can be dominant in smartphone medfield with lenovo has shown spectacular performance in CES 2012.if android and intel join hands in future forever, no os can be able to beat android.i like android because of its open source,highly customizable feature,in short it is,we get what we want.i talking about intel because intel is all about performance.

  • Anonymous

is taht htc version of samsung galaxy note?

  • AnonD-30760

NoT NeedEd i M iPhone 4S user.i find it fast as dual smartphones it does'nt computers it matter

  • AnonD-123

One to the power of X is one.

  • Antiguan

Is this News? I want an HTC phone again. but this time....waterproof. Please make that HTC. The motorola defy is slow(but rugged and waterproof)

  • Anonymous

when is dis phone goin to b released?

  • Anonymous

Ain't ONE X the name for the album by Three Days' Grace?

  • AnonD-669