Sony Ericsson is now Sony Mobile Communications

16 February, 2012
After purchasing Ericsson's 50 percent stake in the company, Sony and Ericsson are finally separate.

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AnonD-163414, 09 Jul 2013i want regester my k610i sony wricsson to the new sony mobilelol what the hell did you just say? that makes no sense...

Nah... not much has changed... for the better or worst; lol

To be honest, this decision just made things worse.

  • AnonD-163414

i want regester my k610i sony wricsson to the new sony mobile


so now, how about the warranty of our sony ericsson phones

  • asif

Good phones rr comming from sonyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

I still think Sony should keep calling the phones Sony Ericsson. It just sounds like a better and more complete name. I am hoping the new Sony phones will be as reliable as my old Sony Ericsson K800i, which i have had for the past 6 years and had no problems with it.

  • marie

i think when you buy a sony ericsson touch, the campany should ugrade the phone before they sells now all prolems . i buy it just a month.

  • Anonymous

what took them so's their habit of buying half the stake of the company then eating it whole!
it's their strategies that took look to bear fruit.
Sony knew that they won't survive the mobile market bearing only the name 'SONY', especially the european market that dominated by 'Nokia'. of course, the next moved would be to 'sink their teeth' with other less-superior brand names--and who do you know that is 'Ericsson', who for long years been enjoying (not so) the european market, but was always kicked in the mobile race by Nokia due to it's poor market innovation and dull features to the 'mobile hungry market'.
With Sony's superior hardware and innovative approach and Ericsson stronghold in the International mobile market the marriage of two companies is anything but excitement and a new breed of mobile phones to take on to kick Nokia's butt! They we're one (in fact only one!)of the most successful mergers in the industry. and they had their high's and lows in the market but though they manage to make it in the international mobile market niche. And SE had been a buzz word as the next to beat Nokia in the competition.
Years later, they (Sony) thinks that they already made it to survive the market even bearing only their own name 'Sony' eventually killing Ericsson in the process.

  • frncs

Sony is the best since ever since xD for sure al the models made by sony now a days will be expensive..

  • Nexa86

i have sony 3d tv, i have sonyplaystation 3, i have sony ericsson arc s and i will have sony mobile xperia s because sony is the best for all of these!!! go for sony!!!!

  • AnonD-43099

chimmychanager, 16 Feb 2012Best, most educated comment on this thread. Faith restoredNow Sony Mobiles will have increased Prices.
Sony Ericsson prices were decent.

  • AnonD-16764

Who recalls the Sony Mars Bar phone? It was the biggest flop! Ericsson, however produced some fantastic phones styled like B and O products. Maybe Nokia Ericsson would make much better geographical sense! Sony have NO dual core phones in my local shops today.....says it all. Japan is in trouble, and I think it will take them sadly decades to recover, ditto Sony.

  • Mark

Sony Ericsson has been a benchmark of quality, sophistication and technology when it comes to mobile phone world, however Sony is also one of the biggest names when it comes to modern appliance and technological breakthroughs and for that I really dont mind if Sony bought Ericsson itself and change the name to only Sony but I still suggest for Sony to retain the SE logo because its not just cool but everyone already recognize it and its already iconic.

  • fuji

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2012i still have my T610 somewhere :)hahaha my first camphone!

  • Rick

AnonD-1667, 16 Feb 2012I'm going to miss the sony ericsson green ball logo.The logo will be retained. I suppose. Its really cool.

(Sent from my SK17i)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2012why are they changing the name? they should keep it as Sony... moreI agree with this. I don't know, but there's some sort of appeal when someone asks what phone I have, and I say it's a Sony Ericsson. Saying "I have a Sony" sounds so... different. Not as good.

  • Anonymous

i still have my T610 somewhere :)

  • Fun of SONY

Welcome back SONY, as a fun of SONY, waiting for your miracles and the best products even better than the other rivals. We think that by buying Ericsson's shares, SONY did the best and SONY can produce the best products in the market.
Waiting the best phones ever...

  • Anonymous

why are they changing the name? they should keep it as Sony Ericsson. it sounds better calling it Sony Ericsson rather than just Sony.