LG V30 starts receiving Android Pie update

27 July 2019
The update is currently seeding in Europe, but the rollout should expand to other regions soon.

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  • asjad.lm10
  • KID
  • 06 Sep 2020

I've got LG v30 (US998). Is there any hope of android Pie update coming for this device?

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    • Def
    • n9%
    • 04 Aug 2020

    Well, my LG V30+ still did not receive any update. It is running on Android v 8.0.0, software version v21d-HKG-XX and it says last update was on 3rd september 2018. But when I check for new updates, it says my OS is on the latest version. Isn't something wrong?

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      • TonyStrike
      • Kg{
      • 17 Jun 2020

      Nerdfrost, 10 Apr 2020Same here bro...still waiting on itAs of now, did your phone already received the update?

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        • Nerdfrost
        • Nu7
        • 10 Apr 2020

        Cubex, 02 Feb 2020My LG V30+ (Model: LG-US998) does not get any update. Curre... moreSame here bro...still waiting on it

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          • Anonymous
          • pP5
          • 28 Mar 2020

          Dual SIM phone, with Australian setup... Still waiting for Android 9... This was my first and will be my last LG. Samsung or Nokia will follow with decent updates

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            • Cubex
            • 3Tx
            • 02 Feb 2020

            My LG V30+ (Model: LG-US998) does not get any update. Currently version is android 7.1.2. Today is 2020 february. Is there any hope to receive pie?

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              • Irshad
              • 6u7
              • 24 Jan 2020

              I bought my LG v30 plus from Qatar still i haven't received any update? Come on LG how long I should wait?

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                • pradeep
                • DkE
                • 16 Jan 2020

                received pie update in my lg v30+ device. updated with curiosity. my phone now lags and hangs. disappointed!

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                  • PK Saha
                  • utC
                  • 31 Dec 2019

                  I have received pie update in india for LG V30+ on 27th Dec 2019 Ver V30a-IND-xx with Sept 2019 Security Update

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                    • Mohammed Fayaz
                    • K2K
                    • 15 Nov 2019

                    Still Now Waiting for Pie Update but still now Noting....badly doing LG team

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                      • marcinb24
                      • 0FF
                      • 16 Sep 2019

                      On Pie 30b and 30q (EUR) in CineVideo mode disabling 4k resolution... its grayed.

                        • j
                        • jackie
                        • Ixb
                        • 31 Aug 2019

                        LG V30 Oreo update was terribly Slow! Very poor ram/memory management.
                        Lets hope they dont screw up Pie update as badly.
                        LG is the worst at updates and getting it right. smh

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                          • Doom
                          • tuf
                          • 15 Aug 2019

                          Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019It's a two year old device, origianlly released with Nougat... moreLmao. Release with Nougat in Sept 2017. My V20 was also released with Nougat! In Sept 2016!!! Go fanboyism!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3HI
                            • 09 Aug 2019

                            Doom, 28 Jul 2019Haha, crappy LG is posting their final update for their V30... moreIt's a two year old device, origianlly released with Nougat. It got two major OS updates, very delayed, it is true, but at least stable, well optimised and without bugs. So keep your trolling out of here

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                              • Doom
                              • tug
                              • 01 Aug 2019

                              Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019Don't worry - XDA forums will provide android version and s... moreI don't know what you're smokin'. Only selected V30 models have bootloader unlocked. Same as V20. So no difference in terms of ease of customisability between LG and Chinese phones. The difference between Huawei and LG can be seen in their 2H 2016 phones, V20 and Mate 9.

                              To date, Mate 9 received 3 substantial updates, while V20 only received 1. Just go to aosmark.com and look it up. So much for 'crappy' Chinese phones. I used to be biased as well, avoiding Chinese phones until P30 beat the shit out of all other phones in terms of photography. Then when I researched it, I realised that we have been brainwashed by American propaganda.

                              Just look at Europe on how popular Huawei is. If Huawei could enter the US market, it would have the top spot in Android already.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 3SW
                                • 31 Jul 2019

                                I live in Portugal and I've just got my lg v30thinq update today. I had a lg g7thinq before and it just died one day, luckily that happened under warranty. I bought a lg v30 and despite been older than the g7, for me the v30 is better value: is cheaper, I don't notice any difference in the speed processor, the screen is way better than the g7 and the battery seems much better.

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                                  • Dad0
                                  • SXm
                                  • 29 Jul 2019

                                  neuropunke, 29 Jul 2019gestures add?No gesture on v30 pie version but you can download gesture via app store

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                                    • Daaaaab
                                    • ajQ
                                    • 29 Jul 2019

                                    Romania is getting Pie on the V30 now, too! 👍

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0p}
                                      • 29 Jul 2019

                                      Doom, 28 Jul 2019Haha, crappy LG is posting their final update for their V30... moreDon't worry - XDA forums will provide android version and security updates for a couple of years for V30, probably along with modified kernels, modules etc.
                                      Meanwhile the moment a chinese company says no more updates, it's no more updates, because either the phone is locked down, it's a Kirin/Mediatek CPU which noone make ROMs for or nobody even cares to make a ROM because the device is unpopular.

                                        gestures add?