Watch the first foldable phone, the Royole FlexPai go through a torture test

29 July 2019
It bent the the wrong way.

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  • Anonymous

samsung fans always think they are the first to do stuff

  • GDt1k

Il y a pas de point... (Translation: It's pointless...) P.S. this is technically not breaking the rules since it has english translation.

  • Punisher

I dont see any use of this foldable phones/tablets. Phone or tablet should be build of one solid block. Use of glass as it is. I repaired tones of phones. Only displays i came across which even i was chocked how well build those are was poled and even display which is in lg g5. In spec they are marked as ips lcd but they are plastic as well. Can flex alot. Those displays doesnt brake with fall or cracks. And those displays you want because they are sturdy even while being repaired. They are not so sensetive for handeling or imapcts if not impacted on sharp tip. Then it does not matter what is made of. Poled is the future which is protected by the glass on top.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 31 Jul 2019> *Makes an article on the phone* > *Still doesn't m... moreBecause its not a review, or about that in anyway. If you want that go to a review not a "torture test".

> *Makes an article on the phone*
> *Still doesn't make a spec list*

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019This is the new norm now, stupid videos that suggest you sh... morewell, their channel clearly says they "rig" everything, if you don't like seeing stuff getting destroyed, please do yourself a favor and don't get in to things that you don't like, you're making your own problems, what an a$$

  • Anonymous

This phone is the future and i'm eager to have a phone like that one day for 200 dollars

Just Some Time, 30 Jul 2019do you know that samsung fixed the issue on the galaxy fold... moreMan thats a lie. This way even this 1300 euro phablet wouldnt be released before Samsung.
Xiaomi Apple and many else trying to do foldable phones.
Its not they all wait to see samsung fail again.
Fact is they are not ready because they did not catch every cons of the device it should have.
They waiting for only one thing to be one hundred procent sure the product is ready for public and audience.
It has nothing to do with Samsung guts.
Samsung wanted to be first and failed to impress.
And as usualy they fixed what they thought should be problem but i can guarantee you when the phone will be re-released there will be lots of other kinds of problems.
Just because samsung guts to be always first means they always fail on a simple and single straw of grass.

  • Anonymous

This is the new norm now, stupid videos that suggest you should be able to treat your phone like an accordion or a hammer, rather than always having to be careful with it.

  • AnonD-804996

Samsung Fold, maybe. This one, unlikely. Idea of having fragile screen on the outside is just idiot design. And that hinge looks like a bug leech flexing its fat body. Most issues Samsung had was communication (people peeling screens off) and some issues with the fold where screen would . Other than that I don't remmeber other catastrophic issues.

We'll eventually find a bendable glass material. I've tried bending tempered glass protector once and it went so far I started to wonder what the hell it is made of coz I could almost fold it all the way over before it cracked. If material matrix structure is ordered in certain way it could be bendable while still strong. Same way as foldbale OLED display itself.

  • Anonymous

ProMaster96, 30 Jul 2019Its still the 1st gen of fold phone. Only for people want t... moreI do agree sadly, ultimately in this form (regular phone size) flex is just a way to get an easy to break phone. With larger phones like the Samsung Fold it enables a bigger picture at least though.

Jerry rocks as always! Half the price and I could think about it...

Just Some Time, 30 Jul 2019do you know that samsung fixed the issue on the galaxy fold... moreMan whether they fixed or not we can say after Zack Nelson testing not before.
Samsung say this samsung said that.
But in real life words are spoen and bread is eaten.
Lets see how fold will preform in Zack durabillity tests.
Maybe it will end better than flexpai maybe worse until the test is done we dont know yet.

Wow LG made foldable oled....

CptPower, 29 Jul 2019Well at least it went better than galaxy fold which died ev... moredo you know that samsung fixed the issue on the galaxy fold? sometime it some sacrifice to know where the problem is, that why huawei doesnt want to announce mate x first,they dosent want to take the risk , scare losing their customer, at least samsung have the guts to take all responsibility of the issue and fix it,while other manufacturer just secretly improve their prototype after saw the issue of galaxy fold.

  • Anonymous

It's impressive a small company was able to develop a more professionally made product than the company that has all the resources in the world

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019I don't know why sites keep giving this guy's 'tests' atten... morehow about you accidentally fall yourr device into campfire? accidentally scratch with a pen knife? even through this wont always applied on real life but this show how tech is evolving and prevention is always better than cure

  • Anonymous

"the fact that screen protectors won't work with the device doesn't help with the situation either."

Screen protector is available for FlexPai. Do your research, GSMArena.

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019You're all forgetting that iPhone was the first foldable ph... are very honest person

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019You can buy it!... with moneys for an iPhone XS and some ac... moreIronically enough, the XS would last me 5 years as well.