Apple iPhone can now record video

13 Dec, 2007
Ever since the Apple iPhone was released it has been (rightfully) criticized for the lack of video recording capabilities. Or so it was until today as a third-party solution seems to be just around the corner...

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  • JQ

Not even a top end Canon (in the 'Point & Shoot' category at least) can boast to shoot 10fps @ 2MP.

  • JQ

How can a cell Phone's Camera make video, at the same resolution as it's Stills, at 10 fps (let alone 45fps) beats me!

  • Apple

Wow o.O 2mp resolution on 40fps o.O maybe I should buy an iPhone since its fully unlocked here in europe :D oh yeah.. Lack of 3G :/

  • Zobi

Good job garry but watch out. next time... I will be first!!!

  • Andy

Ha.Ha. Wellcome to HD Mobile :)

Verry cool gadget-phone .

  • Anonymous

gary haha legend

  • Anonymous

i'll put money on it this wont happen on this version of the iphone

2mp video dont think so

  • AGC

Haha 10fps for 5 seconds!? Sounds like a burst camera mode to me. And 2mgpxl resolution sounds great, but the iphone's camera looks like a vga from an old motorola (the lens is about the same size too lol!)

  • Garry

You're pretty much right I don't have anything constructive to say at all but if it makes me happy then why are you so upset about that? You're last comment was hardly constructive itself was it? iphone is poo by the way.

  • Nick

lol garry's jokes

  • Anonymous

garry, do you actually have a job? or do you spend all day trying to get the first comment? do you actually have anything useful to say? grow up.

  • john

basically, it takes 10 pictures in a second... for 5 seconds. big whoop.

  • Dani

2 Megapixel Video !!!!!!

sheesh thats good ..but storing will be a problem....

  • Anonymous

2 megapixel video - thats insane, but equally rather pointless if you can only film for 5 seconds.

  • Rajiv

Video in 2-megapixel...does it means video in High Definition? In fact it would be better than 1080p.

  • wez

2 megapixel video?!
thats crazy

  • PpTrends

Good new!!! =D

  • Garry

First again aye?